Friday, October 24, 2014

What's On My Mind?

It's been a long week and I have nothing of value to write about, so you get pointless babble today.

First off...WHERE ARE MY PANTS???

I fully understand and believe in the sock troll, but pants?! They're not exactly tiny. I have a favorite pair of light blue jeans (I have 50 shades of blue jeans...if you want to send me a Christmas present, I need black jeans) and I swear I JUST saw it. Not in the laundry basket, not in the washer/dryer, I don't just drop trou in random places, what the hell, man?

I was rummaging through the snack table (part of my job description) and found a candy bar I've never seen before. Mine! I have a soft spot for international chocolates, especially the strawberry kind. This one was just milk chocolate, but I don't discriminate when it comes to chocolate. I think this one may be a Chinese chocolate bar. But since it's not Cadbury and since it's over 5 years later I'm guessing I don't have to worry about any melamine being in here? Anyway, I still ate it. But when I tore it open I was kind of sad. It's pretty much just like chocolate Ruger wafers with some skimpy chocolate coating. Not even Kit Kat chocolate covered wafer status :(

Don't toy with me, woman.
I mentioned that Macho's 3rd birthday was this past weekend and I passed off our perfectly-timed Barkbox as his birthday present. But I think he may have figured out that the real reason was because I forgot all about his birthday beforehand; when I made him his birthday meatball (also from a past Barkbox), he gave me a less than enthused look. I may have overbaked it, though. It was kind of hard on the outside (actually throughout the entire meatball) and Macho didn't even bother chewing. Well he broke it in half because it was too big for his mouth. But after that, gulp and swallow. I also gave a smaller one to Pebbles and she gulped and swallowed faster than Macho--without even breaking it in half. Then she went and cleaned up all the crumbs he dropped. My own personal vacuum cleaner.

All those little lines? All. Worms. And this was just one small part of my driveway!
This one needs an extra large picture. It rained a lot this past weekend which happens often in these parts, but this was the first time I ever witnessed a full blown earthworm(?) exodus. I'm talking about hundreds. Usually when it rains the millipedes and slugs make a (slooow) run for it, but I've never seen so many earthworms journey across the pavement. Just thought it was pretty cool in a kinda gross sort of way. But earthworm poop is supposed to be good for your soil, right? I thought the dogs always shoved their noses into the grass because they saw those Surinam roaches but maybe they were really playing with worms? And then they lick my face.

Tomorrow is our monthly corgi meet up and we're supposed to dress up our dogs in Halloween costumes. I'm taking Pebbles with me (C's working tomorrow and there is no way I can handle two insanely excited dogs by myself) so I thought about making her a poop factory. When I googled how to make that costume it seemed like everyone has made their pooper a factory at some point in time. I wanted to do something a little less common. We found something just as easy to make and have been working on it the past couple of days. I'll post pics later :)

I happened to catch Pebbles in a pondering/focused state and immediately thought of Sad Puppy. I have no idea what she was fixated on, perhaps earthwormzzz in the hizzouse? She's actually staring at the section of carpet that Macho pulled up as soon as we moved here. It's basically an open passageway from the house's foundation so I'm sure lots of things pass through there throughout the day. I've seen ants, crickets, geckos, roaches, and millipedes around there so far. Or she could just be staring at a carpet fiber blowing in the breeze. She has a weird selection process when it comes to choosing objects to stare at. As long as it's not at an empty corner I'm okay.

Oh, I found my pants. I remembered that I ordered some incredibly oily food the other day because I live for deep fried noms and some of it dropped onto my jeans. A couple of months ago my friend Rebecca taught us how to remove oil stains from clothes using dish detergent. I followed Steps 1-3 with no problem then forgot about Step 4...for four days. I left it sprawled across the sink in the downstairs bathroom that only C uses. The expectation was that the next person who walked in there would wonder why jeans were in such a weird place and inquire about it. Nope. In typical C fashion, he just nudged it so that it's only half covering the sink and continued along his merry way. For four days. *sigh*


  1. OMG THE WORMS! I hate it when that happens because I'm so paranoid that I'll step on them and freak the hell out. Congratulations on finding your pants though! Exciting! :P

    1. Oh I was soo paranoid. I tiptoed and kept imagining them squishing under my feet. I'm pretty sure anyone who looked at my face thought I was constipated.

  2. Worms!!!!! Ewwwww! I hate stepping on that squish! Also, what a good dog mom you are! I should figure out when my dogs birthdays are...

    1. Good thing they were tiny and I couldn't feel the squish. Ugh. I'm shuddering just thinking about it. You can make up a day if you can't remember their GotchaDay. Preferably on YOUR bday so you can make "them" a cake :)