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BarkBox Review - November 2014 + 10% Off Coupon

If you've ever had a pet dog (or child, perhaps) you know what it's like to have a tail following you around the kitchen while you're preparing dinner. Normally I discourage this behavior (to no avail), but this month BarkBox is celebrating it. This is for all those times your pup did his nicest sit ever while waiting patiently for a piece of sausage to fly off the cutting board. Yeah. You've earned it, dog.
November is easily a doggy's favorite month of the year because can you say THANKSGIVING SCRAPS? I personally don't let my dog eat any table food other than fruits and veggies, but I know a certain *someone* in my house who likes to throw him a piece of steak (or turkey) every now and then.

Or if you're table scrapped out, the BarkShop is available to satisfy your best friend's appetite for food and fun. They've added a few things recently and now you can shop the box as well as BarkBox exclusives. Oh, happy dog!

November's info card (click to enlarge)
Diggin Your Dog Charki-O Beef Trachea (Value: $3)
Most dogs can't say "Charki" but make no mistake...when they barkie, they want Charki! I'm not sure why the grossest thing in the box was also the first thing that caught my attention. This 4" piece of yuck is antibiotic- & hormone-free USA beef trachea coated in beef liver sauce. It sounds horribly appalling to me but I guess it's total yums to a dog. Tracheal cartilage is loaded with glucosamine and chondroitin and is great for hip and joint health. Still gross, tho. But I'm glad that no part of the poor moo-cow is going to waste.
Beef trachs and liver flakes are where it's at yo
Wagatha's Kitchen Sink Dog Biscuits (Value: $5)
Welcome to Wagatha's newest biscuit recipe - a blend of apples, pumpkin, bananas, peanuts, carrots, flax, and honey, all spiced up with cinnamon, ginger, and allspice. Perfect for fall/Thanksgiving. Wagathas specializes in non-GMO treats that are also wheat-, corn-, and soy-free. We've gotten Wagatha's treats a couple of times before and I was kind of bummed that Macho doesn't go apeshit over biscuits because these are the epitome of a healthy & tasty dog snack. That's why I'm sort of glad that Pebbles eats aaanything. Nothing tastes better to her than the fur off a brand new plushie, but any/all food comes in a very close second.

Petprojekt Dogmeat - Small Turkey Leg (Value: $8)
OMG THIS IS SO CREEPILY CUTE. In fact, the entire dogmeat line is blowing my mind right now. Fish and steak are available too. This one's a poultry produce tray with all the fixins down to the detailed label. I can't believe how detailed the turkey leg itself is...it's got wrinkles and an epiphysis and...is that marrow?!
So cute, in a weird chicken skin kind of way. And it squeaks! The dogs approve. Now they can get their Thanksgiving turkey and I'll be totally okay with it. It's made with BPA-, phthalate-, cadmium-, and lead-free plastic. I'd recommend giving this a good wash before handing it off to your dogs, though - it smells like paint.

P.L.A.Y. Carrot Plush (Value: $9)
Here's the said plushie that Pebbles will choose to eat before she gets to the Wagatha's biscuits. This carrot is made of the same stuff that goes into P.L.A.Y.'s pet beds. I want to keep this for myself because it's so nice and soft. It's perfect as a snuggle buddy for a puppy, but my puppy *ahem Pebbles* rather shred her snuggle buddies and anything sleep-related. Here's her bed for example:
She fashioned that herself. She and Macho also had some fun with the carpet.
There's also a squeaker inside the carrot that would make Pebbles want to rip it apart even more. I don't know why my dogs like to take out squeakers from their toys. Macho's not as violent in that he won't shred his stuffed animals, but he'll still make a hole and dig, dig, dig the stuffing out. Then stick his nose in and look for the squeaker. Alas, I may have to find this adorable veggie a new home because I can't bear to see it tossed around and torn apart.

Superior Farms Bully Stick (Value: $4)
Ok I lied. I said the trachea was the grossest thing in the box but nothing beats pizzle. This is the new grossest thing. But if my dogs had it their way they'd have one of these with every meal. We get one of these every few months in a BarkBox and this is one treat Macho WILL NOT let you take away from him. He growls if you try to even pet him while he's eating a bully stick. Pebbles is kind of ADD so she'll readily abandon it to chase the butterfly fluttering past. *sigh* personalities.

This box had a BarkValue of $29. I say Barkvalue because some of the values are inflated a bit over retail, but these are how much they sell for in the BarkShop, and our goal this month is to go BarkShopping! You can even use code WelcomeToBarkShop at checkout to save $10 on your first order! We really enjoyed the chews and dogmeat this month, but it wasn't as great as the past few months' boxes. Maybe if the carrot was corgi-proof I'd be elated.

If you've got a pup that you'd looove to spoil, BarkBox is the perfect solution. Click here to save 10% off a new subscription of any length. If you sign up before 12/10 you'll get December's box just in time for Christmas (a perfect Xmas present for your puppy)! And if you're worried about your dogs ripping apart every single toy they get, fret not. Their customer service team is super responsive and will try to stick to your request for tough chewer toys. Obviously you won't ALWAYS get durable toys (hello carrot!) but for they most part they're very accommodating.

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