Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Birchbox Unboxing - November 2014

Whew! With all the shopping and DIY gifting craziness that's been going on lately it's hard to find time to just sit down and write a review.

Okay. I lied. I'm just lazy. Well things really are busy, just that when I do have some down time I choose to stuff my face in preparation for holiday feasting rather than jump on the computer. Nobody else is gonna stretch out these pants so that they're ready for Thanksgiving. I know I can't be the only one who feels this way. I know at least half of you guys can relate, amirite?

Well Birchbox arrived early this month along with my Ipsy Glam Bag, and by early I mean it took 15 days instead of the normal 25. *sigh* the little things.

What: Birchbox contains 4-6 samples of high-end beauty and lifestyle products
When: Ships on the 10th of each month
Cost: $10/month or $110/year upfront
Fun fact: Birchbox has an awesome points system where you can review products or make purchases from the Birchbox shop to earn points. Every 100 points gets you $10 credit in the BB shop.

November info card (click to enlarge)
This month Birchbox is giving back. Birchbox has partnered with (RED) to raise awareness for the fight against AIDS. (RED)'s mission is to bring the number of babies born with HIV down to zero. All monies raised are used to fund HIV/AIDS programs in Africa. You can help, too. November's outer box has HIV/AIDS facts printed on it. For every photo of these facts shared on Instagram or Twitter through 12/10 with the hashtag #shaRED, Birchbox will donate $1 to (RED). Also, all (RED) downloads via the App Store will raise money for awareness. Check out their site for more ways to help.

Now that you've helped a great cause and feel warm and cuddly inside, time to see if that fuzzy feeling lasts through this unboxing:

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive (0.26oz sample value: $4.70) - Okay I'm not sure if I'm missing something here. This is an exfoliant that's gentle enough for sensitive skin. You leave it on your face for 10 minutes and when you wash it off all of your dead skin is supposed to flake off with it. Um. Couple things. #1: This has the consistency of water and I had the hardest time keeping it from running off my face. Actually, it did run off my face and it made a big drippy mess. #2: When I washed it off there was no flaking of dead skin whatsoever and my face felt exactly the same as earlier. No brightening, no tightening. Am I using it wrong?? I'm kinda sad because I really wanted this when I saw the spoilers and was so happy when I saw it in my box but......sad face :( It also smells nothing like green apples or citrus. Double sad face :((

Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream (0.2oz sample value: $4.80) - I was so sad after the Juice Beauty letdown that I didn't even try out anything else from the box yet. Next up is a cream. Not just any ol' cream; this one's for those with dry skin. People with dry or wrinkled skin often lack the lipids that retain moisture aka ceramides. This cream is enriched with ceramides to make skin soft and supple again. I haven't actually squeezed it out of the tube yet, but it smells faintly of tea and flower petals. Not bad.

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo (0.75oz sample value: $6.75) - I don't think I fully understand the appeal of dry shampoos. I was hoping to get the Amika dry shampoo a while ago just to try but got a different brand instead and started using that one. Then stopped because I kept forgetting I had it. Anyway I feel like dry shampoos just aren't effective for me. My hair doesn't smell if I don't wash it for a while so I really don't care if a dry shampoo is scented or not, but it will get oily near the scalp and dry shampoos have never done anything about that. This one claims to soak up excess oil and dirt......and put it where? Hm.

Gilchrist & Soames Spa Therapy Body Wash (1.35oz sample value: $2.50) - Japanese sea wrack extract is the key ingredient in this body wash to give you elements of a seaweed wrap-like spa treatment at home. Okay I don't know if it'll feel that luxurious but I'll try it. This smells just like the Gilchrist & Soames Lotion with Sea Fennel. It's a soothing scent that I couldn't place but according to Birchbox it smells like aqualeaf and citrus.

theBalm Cosmetics Cindy-Lou Manizer (0.02oz sample value: $1.60) - Ha, what a cute name! At first I thought it looked like something from Benefit but it's actually a luminizer from theBalm. The packaging looks like a tiny little book with a magnetic closure. The color is a bit too pinky cool for my skin tone, but I'll see if I can use it as a body shimmer or something. I don't even use body shimmers but I guess it's never too late to start, eh? But I want to keep it because I can't stop playing with the magnet! *sigh* small kid tendencies.

Justin's Chocolate Almond Butter (1.15oz single serving value: $1.20) - I don't think I've ever tried almond butter, but seeing as how I love peanut butter and cookie butter I'm pretty sure I'll love this too. Justin's almond butter comes in packets so you don't have to worry about lugging around a tub in your purse for those times you need to sweeten up your crackers or ANYTHING on the go. There's a fair amount of almond butter in a single packet (over one ounce) so if you feel like doing a small binge sesh at work GO FOR IT.

My thoughts on this month's loot: I have mixed feelings. I'm pretty bummed that the green apple peel was a dud since that's the one thing I was hoping to try the most. On the other hand, I got almond butter baby! And I can't stop playing with this damn magnet. If I had to grade this box I'd give it a B. Nothing really stood out but nothing was disappointing either (aside from the peel). Plus there were six things so I can review them to get $6 worth of points to spend in the Birchbox shop!

Do you like what you see in this box? If you want to sign up for a Birchbox, use my link and start discovering some awesome beauty products. The shop also has some lifestyle and foodstuff too, so have a look around, but be forewarned it's easy to find yourself spending HOURS browsing their stock!

Note: Post contains referral links. All opinions contained within this post are my own.


  1. The Juice Beauty peel sounds weird. Maybe you need to shake it up first? Otherwise, fail. I'm obsessed with the magnet on the Cindy Lou sample ... it's just so satisfying to open and close.

    1. I KNOW, RIGHT?! I'm never throwing away that little piece of cardboard. Everrr. And I do think the peel has failed me. Unless I'm not shaking it up enough? Oh well, at least I have the magnet ;)