Friday, November 21, 2014

Bulu Box Review - November 2014

I was certain my Bulu Box subscription expired last month but according to customer service I still had one more box left. Oh well, you can't beat a free box. 

What: Bulu Box is a health, wellness, and (optional) weight loss subscription box containing 4-6 premium samples. Two box curations: Regular and Weight Loss. This review is for the Regular box.
When: Ships monthly on the 15th
Cost: $10/month (free shipping)
Extra tidbits: Earn points for purchasing Bulu Boxes/items in the shop, reviewing box items, and referring friends. Every 10 points counts as $1 credit in the Bulu Box shop

Lately Bulu Box has been getting a lot of heat for the dip in the quality of curation - most times the boxes have foils or teeny tiny samples that only amount to about $5, then all of a sudden they'll surprise you with a full size bottle of something worth $25-50. Except it's something you won't use. Sorry, scalp's still hairy, I don't require a hair rejuvenator just yet. If you thought Birchbox was hit or miss, you haven't met Bulu. So I was curious to see if I'd go out with a bang with my last box.

November info card (click to enlarge)

AllergEase Herbal Lozenges (Value: $7.00) - I don't know about you, but I think my body hates the cold more than it hates pollen so I suffer from allergies the most during the winter months. I don't even know why since it doesn't even get that cold around here. These lozenges don't have the chemicals like other antihistamines (you know, the chemicals that WORK...usually); instead they're packed with 100% of your Vitamin C and some natural medicinal herbs: stinging nettle leaf, European elder flower, plantain leaf, eyebright, and menthol. Very natural sounding. In any case these lozenges couldn't have come at a better time. I'm not currently sneezy and stuffy so I can't attest to how well they work, but as far as taste goes it's like the original flavor Ricola. Pretty much exactly. It looks the same, tastes the same, and lasts the same amount of time. I still like this though. And bonus points to Bulu for not including just one in here - this box is actually half size with 21 lozenges. Whooo!

Nuline Nutritionals DSpeed Fast-Melt Vitamin D3 (Two capsules value: $0.50 $0.23) - Either Bulu is having a massive gigantic sale or they're trying to get rid of old/ineffective stock because I see no other reason why this would be on sale at the Bulushop for over 50% off. This is a tablet that dissolves on your tongue and releases 1000 IU (~25mcg) of vitamin D3 which is good for immunity and bone health. Since uncoated tablets are usually bitter this one is peach flavored so you don't gag and spit out all that precious goodness. Of course, an alternative would be to stand out in the sun for several hours, but seeing as how that's pretty tough to do when the days are only several hours long, I think this is a seasonally appropriate supplement. Fun fact: Did you know that D3 supplements are made from lamb wool fat? Whoaaa...

Brode Electrolyte Vitamins (Single serving value: $2.50) - Look, it's Gatorade in a capsule! These are basically capsules packed with electrolytes. When you drink water they combine so that your body's nervous and muscular systems can function properly. The brand suggests using it prior to drinking, air travel, and athletics. I'll give this a try at our next practice. I suppose it's easier to carry around a tiny packet than a Gatorade bottle. But I'll still have to carry a water bottle AND the packet sooo...the convenience factor is moot.

Supreme Protein Bar
Supreme Protein Accelerate Morning Protein Bar - Strawberry Banana (Single bar value: $2.75) - This bar comes in four flavors and I'm glad I got the strawberry banana! These are gluten-free and contain 15g of protein to start off your day. It looks yummy and smells even better. And it tastes good too! I don't have time to sit down and eat breakfast in the morning (hashtag #trafficwoes) so a breakfast bar would be totally ideal for me. But there's one reason why I don't eat them, or any protein/workout supplement for that matter: they're freakin expensive. Bars, gels, pills, powders, they all cost more than I'd like to spend, and why spend myself broke when I can get by without them? But if you don't mind the price, this bar really is yummy and has earned two thumbs up from me.

NeoCell Biotin Bursts (Single chew value: $0.72) - Biotin, aka Vitamin B7, is important for skin, nail, and hair health. This chew is packed with 10,000 mcg of it. My goodness. You don't need very much biotin (~30-50mcg/day) so I think this is super overkill. Fortunately, I don't think there's a such thing as biotin overdose so I guess 10,000 mcg is okay? The company claims that taking biotin has never been so delicious. I agree with that statement. These soft chews are acai berry flavor (I think it tastes like grape) and reminds me of the Now and Later candy. I doubt I'll be buying anymore of this since I can get enough from a regular diet, but it was delicious to try.

Waxelene Lip Balm (Full size tube value: $4.00 $3.60) - If you're looking to live greener, this is a good place to start. Waxelene is the biodegradable alternative to Vaseline and other petroleum jellies. It's completely organic and only contains four ingredients: organic soy oil, beeswax, vitamin E oil, and rosemary oil. They use recyclable packaging and even their production facility is 100% wind powered. Plus, this is a certified cruelty-free company. It's called lip balm but you can really use this for anything you'd use Vaseline for - dry skin, chapped lips, chafe prevention, etc. Supposedly it's odorless and won't clog pores. I keep pawning off my balms to my bf since he suffers from dry skin, but every single one has made him break out - even the ones that claim they won't clog pores. I doubt he'll trust me on this one. Looks like I'll have to find this cute little tube and spokesbee a new home.

There was also a $100 Naked Wines voucher off a $160 purchase. I won't use it so let me know if you want the code! Other than that, no extra cards in the box. That's a first. I kind of like that there weren't a gazillion cards with coupon codes because I've never used a single one. They just end up in the trash. At least they saved some trees this month.

This month's box had almost a $17 value. This is an example of what I feel a typical Bulu Box should look like. There was a nice variety of products and not everything was in pill form. I've got some lozenges, bars, chews, and balm. If only they made a box like this every month...

If you want to become a Bulugan, use my referral link to start receiving supplements to help you live a healthy lifestyle! You can choose either a Regular or a Weight Loss box. The Regular box generally has a lot of multivitamins while the Weight Loss box is heavy on the fat-burners. Hopefully that helps you decide which one to pick. Just keep in mind that these boxes can be pretty hit or miss so don't expect to be completely mindblown month after month.

Note: Post contains referral links. All opinions contained within this post are my own.


  1. This seems like a very good box judging by typical Bulu standards! Full-sized lip balm + a full-sized protein bar + a decent amount of lozenges is pretty swell.

    1. It is! Hopefully this means they got the message about the sub-par boxes they were putting out.