Monday, November 3, 2014

Memebox #45 Chocolate Mania Review + November Coupon Codes

When I was at the gym yesterday there was a guy doing shrugs by me. I always hear people yelling at themselves for motivation so I didn't think anything of his grunting. Then I heard what he was saying: "CANDY! CANDY!" No joke. But I was so glad to know that I'm not the only one who will work for candy. Especially chocolate candy. 

The Chocolate Mania box was selling for $23 plus shipping. I heard really great things about the Cacao box so I had to see how this one would compare.

What: Memebox is not a recurring subscription box. It's a one-time-purchase box filled with beauty products from Korea. There are several types of boxes: Memebox, Superbox, and Luckybox to name a few.
When: New boxes come out quite often, about three times a week.
Cost: $15 - $39, depending on the type of box + $6.99 shipping (from Korea)

This box shipped out on 10/24 and reached me in about a week. It was pretty packed with 8 items! Eight CHOCOLATEY items. I could smell the yumminess before I even opened the box :D

Memebox Chocolate Mania info card
Zamian Super Premium Gold Cacao Pack (Value: $22) -  This is a mask infused with a blend of 99.9% gold and cacao powders. I got a gold-infused product in another Memebox, though I'm not quite sure what its cosmetic benefits are. This mask is actually pretty dark brown and not gold-flecked like in the picture below. In fact, the tube says this is a Magic Black Cacao Chocolate Pack. Ooh, magical. This smooths, firms, and nourishes tired skin. From the looks of peoples' before/after pics on the Zamian website, it helps with acne too.
It also appears there are some imitations floating around Thailand and China, according to the site. But apparently the tube we're getting in Memebox is legit because it has the Zamian website address printed on it...

Neogen Code9 Gold Cacao Cream (Value: $30) - What's with gold being in everything? This is a cream made especially for super dry or sensitive skin. Its key ingredients are gold (0.0005% to be exact), cocoa butter, mango butter, shea butter, and olive oil. I don't get painfully dry skin even in winter so I'll be passing this along to someone who can get more use out of it.

Here are the ingredients if you're curious:

Missha Cacao & Cream Facial Scrub (Value: $12) - This is a creamy facial scrub made with real cacao extracts that will unclog pores while maintaining moisture. It comes with its own spatula so you don't have to worry about sticking your hands inside the pot. This looks and smells just like cookies & cream and for that reason alone it scored a VIP ticket to the front of the scrub queue. Most of the scrubs I've tried before only exfoliate so following up with a moisturizer is a must. But this, this is boss. You can actually feel your face being moisturized as it exfoliates. This is a keeper.
Missha Cacao & Cream Scrub
Cacao & cream scrub ingredients:

Shara Shara Tempting Avocado Chocolate Massage Cream (Value: $11) - The packaging on this cream looks sort of cute. It would've been really cute a month ago, before I saw the contents of the creepy doll box aka My Cute Wishlist 3. But it still has a fun name. Tempting. You can smell the chocolate through the tube! This cream is made to smooth and firm up the skin on your face but I used it on my legs because I don't think my face needs any more moisture at this point, especially not 5 minutes' worth of massaging a cream into it as the instructions say to do. It's not thick but it doesn't sink into your skin very well and left an oily film that reminds me of massage oil. I guess that's where the "massage" part of the name comes in. You rinse it all off anyway so it doesn't really leave your skin oily, but still. I get dry skin from shaving more than from cold winter months.
Those choco puffs in the picture are making me huuungry
And the Avocado chocolate massage cream ingredients:

Skin Food Cacao Hand Balm (Value: $5) - I'm going to start sweating chocolate if I use another moisturizer with cocoa butter (although that may not be a bad thing). I haven't opened this balm, but the package description says it has a "buttery texture." I almost never have any use for hand creams so this will be used as a body butter. I'm going to smell like chocolate and start eating my limbs.

Purederm Choco Cacao Collagen Mask (Value: $2) - I've tried a couple of chocolate mud masks before, but this is my first chocolate sheet one. This mask has high concentrates of cacao and collagen extracts to moisturize and improve skin elasticity. I don't know if throwing collagen onto my face will make any difference at all, but I'll use this even if it is just to be in chocolate heaven for 15 minutes.

dearberry Miss Mona Lisa Eyebrow Pencil - Choco Brownie (Value: $2) - This is an auto-pencil. Huh??  I don't know what an auto-pencil is and I don't think I'm going to find out because I have no use for an eyebrow pencil. I never thought I'd ever say this but I guess I'm thankful for my naturally bushy eyebrows? This is supposed to be no-smudge so your eyebrows won't become sparse as the day rolls on. Because that would be embarrassing. There's also a brush on the other end to make life easier.

Binucook Cacao Coco Pie Soap (Value: $6) - Have you ever tried a MoonPie before? Because this looks exactly like one and I'm getting hungrier with every word I write as I stare at this chocolate pie (and I mean that in the non-cowpiest way ever). I mean, the choco theme alone got me craving a Hershey's bar, but this MoonPie look-alike business is just ridonkulous. I don't know how good of a soap it is or if it even lathers well or anything (because I'm still staring at it in all its beauty), but it smells like cocoa to da max. I don't even use bar soaps but I will most definitely put this in the bathroom after my current soap runs out because who doesn't want to smell like chocolate after potty? (again, I mean this in the non-grossest way ever)

A couple of things I loved about this box: (1) Chocolate. Obviously. This is the main reason why I refuse to diet. I cannot, WILL NOT, give up chocolate. Evar. (2) Cacao & Cream scrub. I'm still so impressed that this is the first scrub/exfoliant I've tried that actually left my face more hydrated afterwards. Plus I keep thinking of cookies & creme ice cream when using it. I haven't "accidentally" tasted it yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if it tastes like cookies & creme too. :-P

The Chocolate Mania box had 8 items worth $90 which isn't their most valuable Memebox Special, but I loved it still. I did think it was a a tad heavy on the moisturizers, though. I would've liked to see another makeup product, like a chocolate bronzer or eyeshadow or something. I currently have three bronzers in rotation, but I keep finding myself using my Too Faced chocolate bronzer because it smells deeelish. Something like that would've sent this box through the roof. But all in all a great box.

Memebox releases new boxes three times a week (Mon, Wed & Fri) so you're bound to find one that suits your tastes at some point. But if you pick one up be sure to use one of these discount codes because they really add up in the long run:

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  1. Wow!! What a great box!! Everything looks useful and fun :D

    1. I love it! Though I heard the hand balm is greasy and stains your hands :( I was looking forward to trying that out too. But I'm trying things out one by one and overall I'm super happy!

  2. This looks like a great box! I'm kind of sad I missed out on it. I'll just have to get my chocolate fix from all the leftover Halloween candy sitting in my pantry!

    1. Haha, nothing comes close to the real thing so I think your Halloween candy might have a slight edge over this :) I just saw what came in the Very Berry box that released the same time as this one and I'm kind of bummed I didn't pick that one up too.

  3. Mmm, the scrub sounds delicious. Auto pencil = the kind you can just twist up and don't have to sharpen, by the way!

    1. Oh! Haha thanks! I didn't know there was a name for those...I've just been calling them twisty pencils. Auto pencil sounds way cooler :-P