Friday, November 7, 2014

Birchbox Limited Edition: Home Sweet Homespun Unboxing

Wow, this week is like Limited Edition box madness over at Birchbox. They announced three women's boxes and two men's boxes over the past several days:
Vanity Affair - for Women - $98 ($309 value)
Home Sweet Homespun - for Women - $40 ($96 value)
Coscious Commerce - for Women - $68 ($180 value)
Decked and Dashing - for Men - $39 ($115 value)
Conscious Commerce - for Men - $88 ($225 value)
Birchbox has released quite a number of limited edition boxes ever since I became acquainted with the subscription service over a year ago but I've always managed to resist the urge to get one because I could only see myself using a couple of things from them.

Then Home Sweet Homespun happened. In all honesty, I probably would've skipped this one too, but I had $30 in Birchbox points to spend and part of it was set to expire at the end of the month. PLUS with free shipping and all those 20% off codes floating around (I used MOBILE20, but you can also try WELCOMEOFFER20 or TAKEOFF20) I couldn't pass it up. So I ended up paying just $2 for this $40 box! Cool beans!!

I really wish Birchbox would apply their full-size order shipping methods to their subscription boxes. This box shipped on Tuesday and I got it on Thursday. None of this 3+ week in transit nonsense like with the monthly boxes. So here it is, in my hands just three days after I placed my order!
First order of business: the unboxing. Opening it was like a Russian nesting doll experience.

The Home Sweet Homespun box is (obviously) home-themed and contains things to keep you comfy and cozy all holiday season. Check out this spiffy info card to find out how:
Home Sweet Homespun box info card (click to enlarge)
There was also a how-to card telling us how to take nice photos, how to host a kickass party, and how to stay warm. I forgot to snap a photo of it so you'll have to figure out how to do these things on your own (sorry).

I'll be real. Aside from the mere $2 I'd have to part with to get this box, I wanted it because COOKIES. It's got coooookies for heaven's sake. And chocolate. I could smell the chocolate before I even lifted the lid off!! Always a good sign.

Momofuku Milk Bar Cornflake-Chocolate-Chip-Marshmallow Cookie Mix (Value: $16)
I love baking and if I don't have to worry about measuring anything out I love it even more. This tin has everything you need (minus butter and an egg) to make a chewy slice of heaven. It's kind of hard to believe that all this stuff fit in there.
Cookie mix contents
Everything came in a sizable tin but even I had a hard time repacking everything to fit. I'm pretty sure the guys at Momofuku ended up having to smash things in a bit too because the bag of sugar had popped open a bit and was leaking sugar all over the place. I don't mind though; it's a tiny hole, too bad sugar granules are tinier. I'm not even gonna wait until the holidays roll around to make these. This WILL be made and devoured this weekend. Is that tomorrow already? How convenient :)

Makerskit Hanging Photo Clips Kit (Value: $24)
Turn your snapshots into eye-catching conversation pieces with this DIY hanging photo kit. This sounds uber fun to make, but the last thing my house needs is another thing to collect dust. If you're on it and keep up with your seasonal (monthly?) dusting then this is a great addition to any room. But let's face it - I'm the lazy type who doesn't even partake in annual spring cleaning. All of my projects must be stowed away in boxes or incorporated into my daily routine. All of my snapshots are in photo albums whose covers only get dusted off when someone looks through them. But those mini clothespins are super cute and I might end up using this kit for packaging gifts.

Richer Poorer Socks - Parlor Design in Light Blue (Value: $12)
To me socks are one of those things I don't pay any attention to because they go on my feet which are hidden by shoes and jeans all day, everyday. My work socks are all Hanes white. Once in a great while I'll reluctantly give in to buying a pair of running socks, and those are only colored because they don't have solid white ones available. I'm the worst person in the world to come to about clothing and fashion advice because as long as it covers the unmentionables it's fine with me (sometimes I'll even wear moth-eaten shirts to work as long as the holes aren't in those important places). My bf sometimes gets embarrassed around me because I'll go to the mall in a paint-covered t-shirt with chartreuse running shorts. I say it's fine as long as I'm wearing clothes. Don't hate, appreciate.

Meri Meri Little Garden Treat Kit (Value: $12.95)
When I first saw the spoilers for the Homespun box, I read the names of the stuff in it and didn't pay attention to the pictures so I actually thought (and hoped) this garden treat kit was a kit of edible fruity and vegetabl-y treats. To my surprise it's a complete gift bag kit to package goody bags or perhaps the Milk Bar homemade cookies if you have any left for friends (I won't. Sorry, truth). Although it's not quite what I expected I'm not bummed one bit. I'm planning on doing DIY candles and lip balms for Christmas gifts this year and these bags will add the perfect homemade touch.

Illume Mini Tin Soy Candle - Noble Currant (Value: $9)
Only recently did I discover the world of scented candles (and by that I mean two weeks ago). Well, I always knew about them but never considered getting one because (1) C thinks I'll burn down the house, and (2) the friendly neighborhood fireman living next door may not approve if his house gets scorched because of a candle mishap. But since I'm making candles for Christmas I insisted that I do a few practice runs first, so of course I went nuts buying every scented oil known to man and started pumping out candles like crazy. Now I have a collection of not-quite-perfect candles and someone's gotta use them. *I pick me!* I've been burning them nightly for the past two weeks and so far so good! I tend to gravitate toward the sweet fruity and vanilla fragrances and am totally not in sync with the season's spiciness. I keep seeing pumpkin and spice and cinnamon and brown sugar scented candles everywhere but that is so not me. This one is Noble Currant which kind of reminds me of evergreens mixed with cloves and aftershave. Not liking this combo at all right now, but I hope it smells better once it's burning.

Askinosie Sipping Chocolate (38g sample value: $3.70)
Askinosie sources direct trade cocoa beans from one of four locations - Davao, Phillipines; Mababu, Tanzania; Cortes, Honduras; or San Jose Del Tambo, Ecuador. This particular bag has beans from San Jose Del Tambo. The cocoa beans are mixed with organic sugar cane and cocoa butter to produce chocolate perfect for mixing with milk on a cold night. I couldn't wait. My office is cold enough. This bag contains enough chocolate crumbles for two cups of hot chocolate and was the source of the chocolatey smell when opening the box. Since it doesn't have all that added sugar that most hot cocoa mixes tend to have, it gives you more of a semisweet hot chocolate. Mmmmmmm.....

Soak Handmaid Luxury Hand Cream - Fig (Value: $10)
If you suffer from dry, cracked hands in the winter months you probably want to carry a bottle of this with you. It's only 3oz so you can throw it in your purse or even in your handcarry if you're going on a trip. It's made with a shea butter, olive oil, and vitamin A & E combo so it's pretty rich and nourishing. I'm not so sure about the scent though. Fig scented lotion is not quite my cup of tea.

Cowshed Lippy Cow Natural Lip Balm (0.18oz sample value: $3.50)
This lip balm is made with orange and rose essential oils to keep your lips soft and moisturized during winter. Sounds fun but if I had a nickel for every lip balm I got I'd be a freakin gazillionaire right now. *sigh* if only.

Whooo what a fun box! I came out with just over a $91 value (not sure how they calculated a $96 but it's close enough so whatever) so it was TOTALLY worth the $2 I spent :) Everything except the photo hanging kit had something to do with winter so it was very seasonally appropriate too. I guess maybe even the photo kit can be fit for winter because people stay indoors more so there's more time for crafts? Everything except the socks and candle scent appeal to me, but I may have to part with the lotion and lip balm just because I have too many already. But overall an excellent box!

If you want this box or any of the other limited edition boxes, they're still available in the shop!

Note: Post contains referral links. I paid for this box and all opinions expressed in this post are my own.


  1. Haha! The socks were the only reason I wanted this box in the first place! Well, that and the chocolate. That is really tasty chocolate. Really tasty. I wonder if I can get it with points...

    1. Ahahaha maybe one day I'll get into fun socks. For now I'm boring when it comes to clothes :-/

  2. I think this box would make a fabulous gift. I REALLY like the looks of the Vanity Affair box, but I don't have enough points to justify it, haha.

    1. The Vanity Affair box looked great and I've only heard great things abut it, but I didn't have a thousand points lying around either. But if I did......early Christmas prezzie to me!!