Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Savor Soap Mini Haul Review

I admit I've never really been one to drool over bath products (aside from the scrumptious B&BW dessert scents) but I was recently introduced to whipped soaps and BOOM! all of a sudden I realized there was a whole world of indie soap brands out there thanks to Kelly's Evolution of a Foodie blog. She does great comprehensive reviews of indie bath & makeup brands and I love reading them. A few weeks ago I received my first Haus of Gloi order and was so impressed with the presentation and level of personalization. I would've written a review on that as well but you know, holiday preparations and all. Oh and I was lazy. Just know that the Hearth whipped soap from Haus of Gloi is divine and I'm using it everyday. It's autumny without the spice (because cinnamon and cloves make me gag). 

Then I learned about Savor soap. When I visited their Etsy shop I wanted everything. Every single whipped soap scent sounded yummy and made me HUNGRY (there's also bar soaps, mists, and lip balms if you prefer those). It took me an hour to narrow down my list to just three choices (that was the limit I set for myself ahead of time to prevent my wallet from going hungry). The turnaround time for my order was wicked fast considering it was the holiday season and I received a tracking number within two days. The package shipped via USPS and was on my doorstep in another three business days. 
So exciting!! It's like my own little Christmas present
Something had leaked a bit in transit and was starting to soak through the paper so I opened the package right away instead of admiring it a little while longer. But I was kind of confused when I unwrapped everything because each jar was individually wrapped. So what was leaking? I guess it could be that the cap on one wasn't screwed on tightly before sealing and the contents somehow managed to get past the plastic wrap, but it's no big deal because a couple swipes with a damp cloth and everything was okely dokely.

Oh, and sorry for the horrible dark photos in this post; I've got zero camera phone photog skills.

Strawberry Cheesecake Creme Fraiche Whipped Soap (2oz mini: $4.50) - I was most excited about this scent so I opened it first. It's cheesecake for heaven's sake. This scent is very sweet. I can see how some may think it's sickingly sweet, but since I love ANYTHING dessert-related, I like it. It's not exactly cheesecakey but it still flies with me - this smells exactly like the liquid amoxicillin aka "bubble gum medicine" I took as a child before I knew how to swallow pills. I remember that my brother would get it often and I'd always sneak a spoonful here and there when no one was looking just because it smelled and tasted so yummy. Unnecessary dose for me, one less dose for him. I was a rascal little kid. As far as texture goes, Savor's whipped soaps are more dense than airy, something I've learned to expect with whipped soaps. It's not how you'd picture a "whipped" soap to be if you've never tried it before. But it's definitely airier than a cream, that's for sure.
Creme Fraiche whipped soap in Strawberry Cheesecake

Pumpkin Marshmallow Creme Fraiche Whipped Soap (2oz mini: $4.50) - I'm generally not a fan of autumn-y scents because cinnamon seems to be in everything and I cannot stand cinnamon-scented or flavored things (unless it's cinnamon sugar, then that's a whole 'nother story). I don't mind pumpkin being in everything fall-related, but alas, cinnamon and spice (think cloves and cardamom) make me an autumn grinch. This particular whipped soap scent is described as everything fall minus the cinnamon and spice. Since I totally missed out on being festive last season, I figured better late than never. I picked this up and - ohmygosh, this smells SO yummy. Like pumpkin pie (which I don't mind eating because the cinnamon is overshadowed by the pumpkin). The texture is a bit thicker than the strawberry cheesecake one but it lathers really well and smells delish.
Creme Fraiche whipped soap in Pumpkin Marshmallow

Red Lychee Bubble Tea Creme Fraiche Whipped Soap (2oz mini: $4.50) - I was wondering how they'd make a soap smell like bubble tea because I don't even know how to describe what bubble tea smells like. But they pulled it off. You mostly smell the lychee but it's a smidge creamier than straight up lychee fruit. Then you catch a whiff of soap so it's pretty refreshing. I forgot to snap a pic of it but this is a layered soap; the top is white and the bottom is pink and there are tiny red beads scattered throughout the entire thing. The consistency of both layers is similar to the strawberry cheesecake soap - it's thick but spreads evenly and lathers well when water is added.
Creme Fraiche whipped soap in Red Lychee Bubble Tea

Savor also included a sample bar of soap in the scent Gingerbread Cookies. Again I'm not the biggest fan of gingerbread scents because of its spiciness so I was kind of hesitant to take this out of the bag. But it doesn't smell like gingerbread at all. I guess you can catch a tiny hint of ginger but it's more like ginger candy than gingerbread. Actually, now it smells more floral than spicy altogether. I don't know, my nose is tired. I don't think I'd buy this in the future, though.

My first experience with Savor is definitely a positive one. From TAT to shipping to the product itself, this was a perfect transaction. After submitting my order Lisa sent a short thank you message which scored brownie points with me. I love when merchants make you feel worth their time. So which of the three soaps was my favorite? It's hard to choose since they're so different - there's sweet, savory, and refreshing. But I'd probably have to say the Strawberry Cheesecake one because it reminded me of my childhood. Like any indie brand, these soaps are a bit pricier than a typical one you can get off the shelf at Target, but the variety is mind-blowing. Plus it makes you feel nice to know you're supporting small businesses. They'll definitely be getting my business again.


  1. That Strawberry Cheesecake soap seriously looks good enough to eat. I've never heard of Savor before but I guess I should add them to my list! I love Haus of Gloi, but it seems like the things I want from their shop are often out of stock....

    1. It does! I got so hungry looking at the words "strawberry cheesecake" while writing this post that immediately afterward I ate a chocolate trifle, but only because there was no strawberry cheesecake around. I'm eyeing the Birthday Cake and Cafe Vanilla for my next order :) I know what you mean, I've been trying to get the Wintervale whipped soap from Haus of Gloi ever since they sold out like 30 minutes after it was restocked. Still waiting :(

  2. Oh my.... I need some of this stuff IMMEDIATELY!! *goes hunting*

    1. Yes you do! I'm going hunting again now as well.... :)