Thursday, January 29, 2015

Beach Day Was Pupping Awesome

Normally corgis love the water. I mean, you can see the corgi happies on this one's face. Then there's my dogs. I'm not sure how I managed to score the only two corgis in the world who fear bodies of water. Show them a garden hose or a sprinkler and they love it so much that their barks become excited (usually obnoxious) yaps. You know, like how a schoolgirl suddenly becomes all high-pitched and giggly around the boy she has a crush on. But show them a kiddie pool and it quite literally scares the pee out of them.
Not my dog. I wish this was my dog.
This past weekend was our third dog beach day with our corgi friends to a nearby dog-friendly beach with a sand bar. Macho has gone on quite a few beach outings and I think he's finally accepted the fact that we will not let him be a 100% land dog. He'll walk around in tummy-deep water (so about 5") and pretend he's okay with that. And he'll just keep going in circles until we decide it's time to get out. Pretty boring but it's better than nothing.

Pebbles, on the other hand, refuses to even touch the water every single time we take her near the shoreline. She'll panic and start air doggy-paddling. C and I figured we'd be in for another repeat but we walked onto the sandbar anyway. The water was about 2" deep so Macho had no problem following us in. Well I guess Pebbles has finally reached the point in her puppyhood where she wants to copy everything her big brother does because the next thing we knew she walked into the water on her own!

When the water got a bit deeper Macho stopped because his stomach got wet and he's a pansy, but Pebbles kept going and going. Before we knew it she was swimming on her own for the first time ever! We didn't even have to hold her up once.
Proud dog mom moment. Her fear of water is gone!
Within about five minutes she was totally into the water-beach-swimming thing. She started prancing! It could be because her legs were too short but I don't care because she thoroughly enjoyed the moment.
Not sure why it's sideways but you get the idea
Pretty soon the rest of the dogs joined us. I guess Pebbles is afraid of crowds because at this point she clung to us like a toddler.
Scaredy pup
Then she chose to be reclusive and dig around on the sand bar for amusement. In the meantime, the normal corgis were having fun herding my bf.
When we got out of the water the dogs lined up for a corgi jump picture.
Pebbles didn't get the memo.
Too bad they're easily distracted and got sidetracked by food...

This is what it looks like from the first person point of view when you try to eat a hot dog in secret but one dog catches a whiff. Word travels fast among those ears.
The furturds must have had a great day because they were dead to the world by the time we got on the freeway to go home. Humans win.


  1. That is awesome! Corgis are adorable! Look at all those EARS!! And the herding is hilarious! Love it. I have one dog that hates the water and cries when other people or dogs are in it while he nervously paces the beach. The other one, Bugsy, totally hated it at first and would do the air doggie paddle and splash himself in the face. But then he discovered that he could get the ball if he swam. He loves the water now and will put the ball at the edge of the water and beg for it to be thrown. I'm pretty sure dogs are people. Strange people. But definitely people.

    1. Aww that's cute! I can just picture him nudging the ball to the edge with his nose and then staring up with those puppy dog eyes. Adorable!! I must remember to bring a ball the next time we go to the beach. I'm 100% certain that is the cure to their water woes. They're definitely four-legged furry people. I can't believe how much their pesonalities are just like humans'. Right down to the sibling rivalry!