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Barkbox Unboxing - February 2015 + Get 10% Off A New Subscription!

What: BarkBox is a subscription box for dogs filled with 4-6 treat, toy, and hygiene items. Boxes are curated according to your dog's size. This review is for a medium-dog box.
When: Ships monthly on the 15th
Cost: $18-$29 per month depending on the length of your subscription
Fun Fact: 10% of proceeds from each BarkBox goes to rescue groups!

BarkBox has the timing thing nailed down. This month's theme is Mardi Gras and of course my box lands on my doorstep right on Mardi Gras. I wish I had gotten home earlier in the day so the dogs could partake in Fat Tuesday celebrations, but we'll have to make up for it tonight with Fat Wednesday. 
February info card...IT'S MARDI GRAS!!!

Delca Corp Jester Ball (value: $9) - First item of the box and I'm already intrigued and somewhat confused. This is a Barkbox exclusive that looks like a typical plush jester hat on the outside. But when you pick it up there's something inside the round part that feels like mardi gras beads, though I'm pretty sure no dog toy company would be so dumb as to put a tiny choking hazard in their toys. When you squeeze the ball it squeaks. There's also crinkly paper in the hat tails for added amusement. Pebbles would go nuts for this, but I want to find out what the bead-like things on the inside are first. Perhaps it's a gum-massaging rubber ball, in which case that's awesome because my dogs can use all the dental care they can get.

PetSafe Indigo Catfish Po'Boy with Chicken (2oz value: $7) - Indigo has some of the most interesting treats. We've gotten a triple layered chewy moist dental chew thing in one box and treats that bore a scary resemblance to lil' smokies in another. Now here we have a Barkbox exclusive created specifically for Mardi Gras. I mean, when else are you going to see a jester pug?? I personally prefer saltwater fish but I highly doubt the furballs would discriminate. Just add a baguette and your pup has his very own Po'Boy sandwich. I swear dog food is sounding more and more like human food. Just keep in mind that since this is a meaty treat with no preservatives, once you open it keep it refrigerated and finish it when three days. I'm saving these for when I want the dogs to be on extra good behavior.

New Angle Pet Junior Gulpy (10oz bottle value: $9) - Yesss! I've been wanting another water bottle for the doggies. We seem to be the only pup parents at the dog park without this type of water bottle. Instead of this nested bottle design, ours has a non-folding bowl attachment with a snap-close cover for the bottle. It's pretty bulky and leaks all over the place. This water bottle is the first non-treat or toy item we've gotten from BarkBox in months, and I'm quite pleased at the change up. The Gulpy also comes in a 20oz size which would have been more suitable for my slobberpuffs, but since we only need water bottles for the dog park this will work just fine. 

Etta Says! Chicken Pot Pie Little Bitz (5.5oz value: $9) - So as I was saying, dog food is starting to sound just like human food. Perfect example: It's CHICKEN POT PIE, people! Since when do dogs get to eat chicken pot pie??! Granted I'm sure it's not as tasty as the Homo sapien version, but I still can't help but get a bit jealous. Etta Says is the maker of the reoccurring crunchy duck and deer chews we always find in our Barkboxes. This is a welcome change to that norm, and it's meaty! Macho and Pebbles love meaty treats. Well Pebbles loves everything (even leaves), but Macho prefers the chewy ones. I've been wanting Barkbox to send a training treat for a while now and here it is! As far as I can tell, though, it smells nothing like the savory dish. It smells like herbs. Ah. Well that's why. There's rosemary in it. It's the last thing on the ingredient list, but it's the only thing I can smell. There's only natural ingredients in here (i.e. things I can pronounce) so I can feel confident about giving one or ten of these to my dogs.

Aussie Naturals Salmon Half Cigar (value: $5) - And finally in true Mardi Gras fashion, my dogs can have a smoke during the celebration. But this is the kind of cigar that's good for your dog's skin. This is a piece of 100% natural salmon skin rolled up to look like a cigar. It must stink to high heaven but it's wrapped in thick plastic so I'm safe for now. I'm totally taking a picture of my dogs with this in their mouth.
Underside of Aussie Naturals salmon cigar
Well there you have it; another successful BarkBox curation. One thing BarkBox has always been great with is themes. To me half the fun of getting them is seeing what theme-related toys or treats they manage to find each month. This box had a BarkValue of $39, and while the prices may be a bit inflated, a lot of the items are BarkBox exclusives. That's something I've noticed over the past 6 months or so. Lately each box has had one or two items specially created for BarkBox, which makes it super hard to unsubscribe despite the $5 shipping/box; their exclusives are so freakin cute!! I'm certain that the dogs will love every single edible item in here. Pebbles might even find the plush toy tasty as well because she's strange like that. And I'm a happy dog mama now that I have my very own nested water bottle!

If your dog has been hounding on you to jump on the BarkWagon, you can sign up here to receive 10% off a new subscription of any length! Your pup will get tons of toys and treats, and in return you get to take hundreds of derpy doggy face pictures =P
Update 2/22/15: Barkbox has just announced that using my referral link will get both you and me a free box. Barking awesome!!

Note: Post contains referral links. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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