Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap Spring 2015 Box "Wonderland" Unboxing

Over the past few months I've kind of come to terms with the realization that I sort of have an unhealthy obsession for things that smell good. But I'm not so ashamed of it anymore because at least now I've got a handle on it since I can actually bring myself to use those darn smell-goodies. There once was a time when all I'd do was collect, collect, collect and eventually those little soaps would turn greasy and the little bottles of wonder would crack and leak all over my drawer. AND I DIDN'T EVEN GET A CHANCE TO USE THEM. Not like I was planning to anyway, obviously. 

And as if I didn't already have drawers overflowing with little bottles of heaven, I decided to go ahead and got more. Yep, despite saving for a wedding (and failing horribly), I brushed off that frugal shoulder angel and indulged in my very first Fortune Cookie Soap box. 

What: Fortune Cookie Soap Company specializes in bath and body products in unique exclusive scents. The Soap box contains 8 pre-release FCS bath product samples
When: Ships quarterly (Feb/May/Aug/Nov)
Cost: $19.99/quarter
Fun fact: Each box comes with a $10 code to use in the upcoming product launch!

As soon as I cut open the box I was greeted by a rush of sweetness (plus something a tad musky).
The info card showed a nice variety of items. There was also supposed to be a $10 off code on the flipside but mine was blank :( I'm gonna send them an email and ask if they ran out of ink and/or alphabets. Or maybe there's some Harry Potter shiznit going down where once the new spring collection is launched my code will magically appear on my card? Hey, when you're in Wonderland as this box suggests, anything can happen.
As I mentioned, the spring box's theme is "Wonderland." As in Alice in Wonderland. I guess I had a deprived childhood because the first time I ever saw what Alice looked like was when I was old enough to associate it with drugs, thanks to Jefferson Airplane. And the first time I ever sorta knew what the story was about was when I saw the 2010 film adaptation starring Johnny Depp. But no, I've never watched/read the actual story, just the synopsis because I think I might get high just seeing a talking doorknob or a caterpillar with a hookah. Anyway, that sets up the expectation for this box. A whole lot of weird. Hoooly crap.

"Who Are You?" Incense Cone - Speaking of hookah, this isn't too far fetched. But I must say that I've never encountered incense that smells so good before. I've only used the incense sticks you find in temples and the like, so this is a welcome change. I haven't burned any of these yet but I want to. It's supposed to smell like a mix of pear, lime, vanilla orchid and cane sugar. Sounds lovely, though I'm not so sure about the sugar cane part. If you've ever been nearby when they're harvesting that stuff it stinks. I'd much rather smell ordinary incense over that. Hopefully the other notes smell divine and make up for it. If you've never used an incense cone before (I haven't), you use this by standing it up on a table, light it for 10 seconds, then blow it out. The incense smoke will fill the room until the cone burns down. I may have to use this when C's at work because he hates strong smells; he has yet to come to terms with my candle burning (he complains with every new one I bring out) so I'm pretty sure this is a heck no in his book :-/ Alternatively, you can leave the cones in the bag and use it as potpourri or something. That's my Plan B.

And look, FCS included a pretty butterfly...if you sniff the cones enough it might actually fly!

"It's Only A Dream" Whipped Cream - Whoa, this is like shoving your nose into a tub of Ivory soap and rose petals. This cream is waaay too floral for me. Ugh. Supposedly this smells like verbena, lemongrass, calla lily and citrus had a run-in with leafy greens, ylang-ylang, rosewood, and ozone. Ozone has a scent?? I could have sworn it didn't. I did a study on ozonated water once, and it smelled no different than non-ozonated water. In my dream, ozone would smell like fresh linen and would put a sleeper hold on all the other scents so I can't smell them. It could happen; we're in Wonderland after all, aren't we?

"Futterwacken" Body Wash - Lilies + grapefruit + air = Futterwacken, apparently. If I knew how to Futterwack I imagine it'd smell like feet and sweat with a splash of strawberry because that's what I'd end up with when I fell down. I guess this smells more like grapefruit than lilies (or air?), but I personally think it smells exactly like a creamsicle. Looks like it, too. I love creamsicles. Can't wait to use this!

"We're All Mad Here" OCD Hand Sanitizer - If you had a sprig of mint in one hand and a handful of leafy greens in the other while standing under a giant cedar, I'd imagine you'd smell like this hand sanitizer. Not really my cup of tea dish of soap, but it does smell clean. Kind of reminds me of mens' deodorant. I have enough hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works 5-for-$5 sales (and none of them smell manly), so I think I'll pass this along to a manly friend.

"Eat Me" Perfume Oil - Heavens to Betsy, I think I've found a new favorite perfume! I loved it before I even read the description and now that I've read it I love it even more. Get this: scrumptious yellow cake with a fresh slathering of rich, creamy vanilla frosting, topped with fresh white pineapple slices and garnished with a sprig of blooming cilantro. I love cake, frosting, pineapples, and cilantro so this is a match made in heaven! I really don't know how cilantro would even mesh with the other notes, so it's a good thing I can't pick it up. I smell pineapple top notes with some frosting on the dry down. It's a very sweet scent, so if you prefer sensual and sophisticated, this probably wouldn't be your top choice. I'm not sophisticated and I like funky scents so this is right up my alley. I want to eat my arm. Omnomnom.

"Off With Their Heads!" Bath Bomb - I suppose this is the festive part of the box - sensual for Valentines Day. And it was pretty fitting since this box arrived on Valentine's. However, I'm not a rose scent fan so it's no surprise that I kind of gagged at this bath bomb. There are lots of stuff in this one: Meyer lemons and oranges intertwined with roses, violets, and star jasmine with bergamot and Egyptian musk tones. But all my nose smells is rose rose rose. For me this is right down there with the whipped cream. Ack. This one is a bit more rosy-smelling than the cream, but both are all floral and no fruit. I like fruits over flowers, in my bath products and in real life.

"Twisted Tea Party" Bath Tea - Hm. I've never tried a bath tea before. This smells like green tea with some floral hints, but nothing overpowering like the whipped cream or the bath bomb. Under the green tea are notes of vanilla bean, cucumber, and golden amber, with hints of neroli, geranium, and spearmint. It's a very relaxing scent that reminds me of my college dorming days. I don't know why; I think maybe one of my roommates used a shampoo or soap that smelled like this. Anywho, I use my tea bags three times before they lose their infusion ability, I wonder if the same goes for bath tea... #luxuryonabudget

"Almost Alice" Fortune Cookie Soap - And now for the namesake of the box. This soap smells, well, like soap. I guess Alice almost smells like soap too. They say it's like sweet pea flowers and freesia accented with snap peas and pears with a sprinkling of ripe berries. But to me it smells like jasmine soap. Not as headache-inducing as the rose, but still too floral for my liking.

My overall thoughts on this box? Not too bad for my first one. There was a nice mix of bath items in a large assortment of scents. I wish there was less floral and more fruity, but I'm not always gonna love everything. I'm sure there are people who wanted less fruity and more floral. I think the value just about broke even with what I paid, but if I count the $10 code (if I ever get it) then it's a better deal. But that'd entail making another purchase so I don't know if it should count to begin with.

I think the spring box is sold out, but you can sign up for the summer box here. I'll probably be keeping my subscription for summer because I anticipate more fruity goodness to come!

Note: I paid for this box and all opinions expressed in this post are my own.


  1. I also like things that smell good. Up until I year or so ago I was really bad about "saving" nice-smelling things for a special occasion, but I got over it somehow and now go for the best-sounding ones first, lol. "Eat Me" sounds delicious. I'd definitely crack that open right away!

    1. I need to get to where you are! I'm using my stash now, but for some reason I always save the best for last and end up never getting to them. The Eat Me one makes me hungry for pineapple upside-down cake...