Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Holymoly, I Went To TONYMOLY!

With the recent lull in the Memesphere (which is quickly becoming active again), I set out to find other ways to get my K-beauty fix. Then about a month ago I found out pretty much the best bit K-beauty news ever: there's a Tonymoly store right here where I live! (You know, that brand with the really cute packaging?) And it's smack dab in the middle of metro Honolulu. Which would be a great thing for most, except I don't live or work in town. I do coach in town every other day, but by the time practice finishes the store is closed. And let's face it - I'm waaay too lazy to fight the weekend traffic that builds up in that area. 

Well I finally got off my butt and headed there yesterday for two reasons: 1) I took the day off and it was in the middle of a weekday so traffic would most likely be kind to me, and 2) I had to go into town anyway for practice. (Jetsetter tip: In case you're ever on Oahu and would like to visit Tonymoly, it's on Keeaumoku St [near Ala Moana Center] right next to Likelike Drive Inn) It's a tiny store and super packed with all things Tonymoly, and everything is arranged by category. And lots of stuff was on SALE!!! Here is a snapshot of one of the walls:
I would've taken more pics but the store is so small that the lady behind the counter would've most likely noticed and thought I was a creeper or something. 

The sales clerk was super friendly and immediately offered her assistance, which was great since everything was in Korean. She didn't try shoving anything in my face and I felt absolutely no pressure to buy anything, which ironically made me feel more inclined to buy something. Not because I had to, but because I wanted to. I spent about 20 minutes browsing the walls and ended up picking up a few things.

Anti Aging Peach Hand Cream (Cost: $7.98) - I never saw myself as much of a peach fan until I discovered Korean cosmetics. I have a Tonymoly peach-scented rub-on perfume from a past Memebox that smells pretty delicious. Then there's this hand cream. I first saw this in the Memeshop along with its apple and tangerine buddies. Honestly, I thought I'd be walking out with the apple one because I love apples. But when I took a whiff of the peach cream tester I instantly put the apple one back on the shelf. This one is a winner! Imagine the juiciest peach you've ever tasted. Remember how yummy it smelled? That's what this hand cream smells like. I think I like it even better than the It's Skin Strawberry Cookie & Hand Cream currently sitting on my desk. And that's saying a lot because I've never turned down or replaced anything strawberry-scented, ever. I CAN'T STOP SMELLING MY HANDS.

Latte Art Milk Cacao Pore Pack (Cost: $16.99) - Alright, so I bought this because I thought the packaging was adorable. I didn't even read what it was until I was back out in the parking lot. This is a pore tightening cacao pack with moisturizing milk cream. I've never come across a pore-tightening-anything that actually worked, but I guess I'm not too disappointed; at least it's not some weird feminine hygiene product. Oh, look! I just found an English description on the bottom:
This cacao-in-cream mask containing soft milk cream within sweet cacao powder tightens pores and moisturizes the skin. The cacao pack from Ghana contains theobroma cacao (cocoa) fruit powder, which has an excellent sebum-absorbing function, and it removes impurities from the pores. Althaea officinalis root extract provides excellent moisturizing effects to the skin, keeping the skin moisturized even after washing your face. In addition, mentha piperita (peppermint) leaf extract and salix alba (willow) bark extract remove dead skin cells and tighten pores, making the skin smooth and firm. 
This pack is applied after toner as a sebum-absorbing moisturizing mask. Admittedly, it doesn't look too appetizing once you remove the cover and other than having milk cream I'm not too sure what's latte about it, but it smells like chocolate heaven. And there's a tiny spatula disguised as a straw to help you scoop up the cream. This would've been an excellent addition to the Cacao Cosmetics or Chocolate Mania Memeboxes. Or any future chocolate-themed box *hint hint, Memebox* I wasn't able to find this item on the main Tonymoly website, but I think it might be discontinued because the Cappuccino Cream in Scrub counterpart, which I also saw in the store, is discontinued according to the website.

Pocket Dessert Mist - Peach (Cost: $4.89 $4.40) - Continuing on with my new found affinity toward all things peach, I stumbled upon this little gem...ON SALE. I almost didn't see it because it was stuck in with all the lip products, but oh you little vial of fruity goodness, you are miinnne - at 10% off! I am no longer hesitant when it comes to Tonymoly and peach. This is my third peach item from the brand and I love all of them! I think I heart this spray as much as I do the hand cream. And I think I just might have to replace my peach rub-on perfume with this spray. They both smell good, but while the rub-on edges on perfume-y, this spray just smells like straight up peach fruit. AND NOW I CAN'T STOP SMELLING MY WRISTS. There are also mint and mango scents available, but I'm not a huge fan of minty perfumes and the mango one was sold out...which can only mean that it smells more delicious than the peach!

Kiss Lover Swing Tint Gloss - Orange (Cost: $9.99 $3.00) - I'm starting to think I'm a sucker for anything with a swirly design. I scored this for a WHOPPING 70% OFF and I think I just figured out why. It's orange. In the store and all the way up until now I could have sworn it was a dark pink with pearl swirl. The tube itself says nothing about color whatsoever. But I just happened to read the receipt - "Orange Swing." Blargh. Well hopefully it isn't a strikingly obvious ultra orange when applied... And is it? Thankfully, no. It actually looks pretty sheer. Up close you can see tiny bits of microglitter but no orange tint. Even when you blot it comes out more pink than orange on the paper. So I guess that's a good thing. It's kind of sticky but it gives you a wonderful wet glossy look - perhaps the best of all the glosses I own. And there's also a subtle kick of mint when you apply it. Not sure if that means it's somewhat plumping but I didn't notice any difference. Like anything with glitter, it sticks even after you wipe off the gloss so it's not something you'd slap on three coats of and parade around the office with. Maybe one coat. Perfect for a night out, though.

FREE SAMPLEZZZ - The lady was even nice enough to throw some extras into my bag. The Oriental Gyeol and Floria lines seem to be something they're trying to promote judging by the number of products available and the sales they have going on. I think this is a great way to build a loyal customer base...give us samples, and we'll keep coming back to buy the full sizes! Ever wonder why everyone and their cat likes to shop at

In the end I was sooo glad I decided to get off my lazy ass and brave the horrible parking lot that this little store is situated in. Tiny stalls and skinny aisles were no match for my curiosity. And my truck..? Of course, navigating my way out of the stall while a group of chatty girls stood behind it completely oblivious to (or just not caring about) the roaring engine in front of them proved a bit of a challenge. But you can bet I'll be back for more. There were a couple of things that were out of stock, and I'm set on getting my grubby hands on them sooner or later. Like most non-drugstore brands, most of the things cost a pretty penny, but they're rather reasonably priced once you realize that you don't have to pay an exorbitant shipping fee just to get it to your front door. AND OMFG I'M STILL SNIFFING MY HANDS LIKE A CRAZY LADY.


  1. Oh man, that Peach hand cream was in the January 3B Box and I'm the same way! I can't believe how good it smells and how long it lasts!! Did you get on the waitlist for that box?

    1. It's official. The peach cream is now sitting on top of the strawberry hand cream on my desk and I'm reaching for it every chance I can get. And sadly enough, I haven't signed up for 3B yet but I've read lots of great reviews about it and will probably end up signing up once my Birchboxes start to go stale again. The value seems to be there and you get more than foil packets! Happy dance!

  2. Mmm, that peach hand cream sounds scrumptious. There's a physical TonyMoly store here too, but I've never gone because it's not really near to any of my regular haunts. But peachy goodness + instant gratification? Maybe worth the trip!

    1. Go! When it comes to full sized stuff I like to actually see what I'm getting before buying it, and they've got testers of every single product. Definitely worth the trip!