Monday, March 9, 2015

Memebox Valentine's Day #2 Candy for Me Review

I've been slowly making my way through my Memepiles of stuff now that the number of Memeboxes being delivered to my door is few and far between. I ordered the Valentine's Day #2 Candy for Me box at the end of January and it shipped out the day before Valentine's from...Delaware? Even though the HQ are in San Francisco.

What: Memebox is not a recurring subscription box. It's a one-time-purchase box filled with Korean beauty products. Boxes ship from the US.
When: Memebox has been coming up with a few boxes per week. Most are revealed at the time of release, but a few remain a mystery.
Cost: Varies depending on box contents (usually 20-50% off retail value). Boxes are only available in the US. All orders over $30 ship free. This review is for the Valentine's Day #2 Candy For Me box.

When boxes shipped internationally from Korea I'd get them in about a week. Now that they ship from within the US I get it in about three weeks. How you figgah? So much for getting my items faster. I have a love/hate relationship with ground shipping.

I was always a fan of surprises so I like mystery boxes. Sadly, this was one of the last mystery boxes Memebox put out. Ever since they overhauled their company there have been only a couple of mystery boxes; the vast majority are revealed (or as Memefans call it, "Naked boxes"). The website also reveals the value of the box alongside the price so you know how much you'd be saving before you decide to pick one up. 

When this box went on sale and I read "candy-scented, wonderliciously made, and scrumptioius-looking" in the description, I was sold. Here, you can read it too.
Whether you're single or with someone, Valentine's Day is a good day to be a lady! It's because it's the one and only day where you can get away with some indulgent self-gifts for decadent, self pampering. Because you're so awesome, we gift you something super sweet! A box full of candy-scented, wonderliciously made, and scrumptious-looking Korean beauty skincare and makeup goodies that will sweeten up your year! Screw Cupid, who says you need a valentine to get great gifts on Valentine's Day?
I know most people have received their Valentine's boxes already but I resisted the urge to look at what was in it until I got mine. And here it is in all its glory:

This box cost $25 + $6.99 shipping but I ended up using a code and points for it. And it appears that along with the redesign of the Memebox website the "old" boxes somehow got kicked off because I can't find this box anywhere. Oh well. Based on the description I was expecting smell-goodies and maybe some cute stuff. Only one of them looked cute right off the bat, and that was a candy stick that was featured in a previous Memebox. Hope at least one of these smells good!

Valentine's Day #2 Candy for Me info card

Lassie'el Kiwi Brightening Yogurt Massage Mask (4ct. full size value: $6) - I've tried yogurt masks before and liked it so much that I bought the Ettang yogurt mask set from the Memeshop (it's no longer there but you can read my review on that mask here). Well. To be honest, I actually picked up the set because it was a peeling mask and I freakin LOVE peeling masks. This ones' a regular rinse-off type. Doesn't sound as exciting but that won't stop me from trying it. I've never met a brightening mask that actually brightened my complexion. Maybe I'm just a bright person to begin with. Hahaa I joke I joke. Kiwi, yogurt, hyaluronic acid, lactobacilli, and vitamins C&E brighten and hydrate skin to make it firm and plump. This set also comes with a cover...I guess if your face is small like mine then you can save some for later.

Shara Shara Berry Berry Cleansing Sherbet (70g full size value: $14) - Ooh fun. I love strawberries and I love sherbet. Sounds delish. This is a makeup remover. I have some reservations about makeup remover in tubs since you have to dip your hand in there, but I guess there are ways around that. And it's strawberry so it's not like a tub is a deal breaker. I do think this poor guy suffered some leakage issues in transit because the box was covered in oil stains. 
So yes, this makeup remover is oil-based. Since I'm lazy, I prefer wipes or one-step makeup remover/cleanser combos, but oil-based removers work so much better. *sigh* I suppose I can make an exception for berries and add a cleanser step. I haven't actually tried this yet so I don't know how well it works, but I did put some on my hand sans makeup and it has the perfect consistency. It looks viscous in the jar, almost like icing, but it melts once it hits your skin. A dime size amount should be more than enough to cover your entire face. Plus, it smells like freakin strawberries and that's awesome.

Elizavecca Aqua Rising Steam Filler Moisture Cream (100g full size value: $46) - I have a tendency to only read parts of titles. In this case that part was STEAM so at first I thought this was a steam pore pack. And now even after reading all six words in the name I still can't make much sense out of it. Other than "moisture cream" I'm lost. The box has flames all over it suggesting that this thing gets warm. The Memecard says it "uses a unique technology to provide a surge of hyaluronic acid, minerals, and vitamins to instantly nourish stressed, dry skin." So, is the technology using heat to somehow deliver these nutrients? Well I tried this last night and I can tell you that there is nothing hot about it. :( It's hydrating, but not as much as most K-beauty creams I've tried. And that's a good thing. Usually I end up giving them away because they leave my face feeling greasy, but this one eventually absorbs into my skin and leaves it feeling nicely moisturized. The Memecard describes the texture as "chewy marshmallow gelato" which sounds unbelievably yummy, but to me it feels just like any other thick cream. This also has a subtle yet refreshing scent that I wouldn't mind on my face. So in conclusion, I like this but I still don't know what "Aqua Rising Steam Filler Moisture Cream" means. That dragon piggy is cute.

Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick - Seedless Strawberry (2g full size value: $5) - I saw this in other boxes that I didn't buy, but holy crap I didn't realize how tiny it is. Without the cap it's the size of half a pen. As in, smaller than a ChapStick. Since it's called candy stick and I got the strawberry variety I was expecting this to taste like strawberry candy. And when the info card says it's enriched with things like bilberry, sugar cane, and sugar maple extracts, you'd think it tastes sweet. Ummmm not really. There's no taste whatsoever, though it does smell like strawberries. And unlike other lip balms, this one is really soft so it won't take five years to go down. How do I know it's soft, you ask? Well as I was taking pictures, I whacked the open tube by mistake and it went flying and hit a couple of obstacles along the way, leaving hot pink chunks on a chair and the wall. It landed on the carpet and now I also have a pink carpet. So color payoff? If it wasn't already obvious, this does effectively tint your lips. It's buildable so the more you apply the more intense the color. It starts off pretty sheer, so a couple swipes is good enough for me.

Rappol Nutritious Bio Ampoule Mask (3 sheet value: $18) - A pomegranate & hibiscus sheet mask? Interesting. As with virtually all sheet masks, this one claims to diminish fine lines and wrinkles while also evening out your complexion. I'd say 95% of sheet masks I've tried don't do any evening out of anything. These are pretty pricey for sheet masks and I'm not sure I'd ever pay $6 for just one. I guess that's the price you pay for having the word 'ampoule' in there. They better turn my skin gold or something.

This was a pretty decent box with a value of $89, though I'm not quite sure they really kept with the candy theme. I can see how the Shara Shara berry cleanser and Etude House lip gloss smell sweet like candy, but unless the masks smell or taste(?!) like it too, I'd say Memebox only half-stuck with it this time. But as I mentioned, the value is there; at least it's higher than the cost:value ratio of most of the current boxes. Perhaps it's because it's no longer a surprise, but none of the recent boxes have piqued my interest like before. On the bright side, Memebox is introducing a ton of new stuff to their shop almost daily. The newest additions are Dayeong Airbrushed Skin Set #21 (bright) and Set #23 (natural) from the Dayeong/Memebox collaboration. Each set includes an XO Black Stick Foundation and an XO Black face brush. The sets are on sale for $35 so get it while it's cheap!
 Dayeong Airbrushed Skin Set #21
Dayeong Airbrushed Skin Set #21
Dayeong Airbrushed Skin Set #23
And here are some March codes to save even more:

MARCHMADNESS - $20 off a purchase of $100+ (Exp 3/31)
And a couple of app codes:
XOMEME15 - Buy 3 or more XO Memebox products via the app and get 15% off (Exp 3/31)
BOXPARTY - Buy 2 or more boxes via the app and get $5 off (Exp 3/31)
Also check out the app for some App-only deals on selected sets!

Note: Post does not contain any affiliate links. The review reflects my honest opinions.


  1. I laughed at your Elizavecca blurb. I like the dragon piggy, too, although it's probably good there is no "heating" element to the cream because capsiacin (sp??) isn't that good for you. What moisturizer are you using now that doesn't make your face greasy?

    1. I've been using the Primary Raw DoYou Soy cream which doesn't leave my face as greasy as others (*ahem* I mean you, bouncy cheese cream & Neogen cacao cream) but I only use it at night, when I don't have to put anything else on my face afterwards. If not I'll be oily all day :( I suppose it is a good thing that the cream doesn't heat up, because who really wants a thousand chili peppers on their face? Doesn't sound like oodles of fun :-/

  2. Ugh, why does it take so long from San Francisco? That blows chunks. Memebox put out a couple of $25 mystery boxes in the US shop since the switchover, but they both sold out so fast... bring back the crazy random products, Memes!

    1. Sadly, I missed out on both boxes. I hope they make an Easter-themed mystery box. I'd buy one because it sounds fun and I like Easter eggs. Wouldn't it be extra cute if they sent out the Memestuff in those plastic easter eggs??!