Monday, March 2, 2015

MemeboxXSoothingSista #eyelove SF Eyeshadow Quad Review

So here's a little bit of recent Memebox history in case you've been living under a Memerock the past few months: 
Early February Memebox made the decision to cease international shipping in order to better serve the countries they have a domestic presence in (US, Korea and China). This move has taken a lot of international customers by surprise (and a lot of US folks too) because there were tons of people worldwide who had discovered K-beauty through this service. Plus, Memebox proved to be a great way to network with others from all over the world. There are no plans to bring back international shipping in the foreseeable future, but I hope that they will be able to reinstate overseas shipping soon. They recently also switched over their affiliate program to a third party company which is supposedly better suited to handle commissions and tax stuff and whatnot. So in summation - lots of changes that most of the Memefolk are still trying to come to terms with. Crossing my fingers that everything will work out in the end.
That said, I was surprised that Memebox is still sending out products for review despite all the turmoil. I guess you need some form of familiarity among chaos, right? Here they sent me the #Eyelove SF eyeshadow quad from the Memebox x SoothingSista collaboration.
To tell you the truth I haven't been keeping up with the collaboration boxes and have no idea what kinds of stuff were in any of them. Stephanie Villa a.k.a. SoothingSista put this palette together with all skin tones in mind, so I expected it to have a lot of neutrals. And that would be a good thing because I am definitely not a fan of brights, bolds, and overly metallics on my eyelids. Some people can pull it off. I can't.
The palette was nestled in a white box that I thought was a little big to hold just an eyeshadow quad, but then again Julep sends a dozen mini polishes in a box that could hold the tire off a Big Wheel so I'm not too surprised. Inside was a handwritten note instructing us to use hashtag #eyelove when reviewing the palette. Handwritten is a nice touch.

As I guessed and hoped, the quad has neutrals, two matte and two shimmery. The compact itself feels sturdy and it has a mirror so you can apply on the fly. There was also an applicator sponge that got misplaced somewhere between the second and third picture in the collage above. Oh, what's that? Why are there corgi legs in the reflection? Probably because Pebbles is busy eating the sponge. I caught her a minute later chomping away on the handle. Of course the sponge part was gone. And she's not feeling one bit guilty about it:
Bad dog. And bad dog mom for taking pictures when bad dog is out.
I will probably never reach the point in my lifetime where I will be confident enough in my makeup skills to post a picture of my own creation using this palette, so instead you'll get swatches and my thoughts on each color.

The quad had four rosy brown shades, each having a smooth finish with double-coated pigment technology for long lasting color. These colors, which match almost any skin tone, are named after Stephanie Villa's favorite places in San Francisco. Clockwise from top left in the photo below: Sutro, Valencia, Bae Area, and Candy Rain. It's also worth mentioning that this makeup is paraben- and cruelty-free.
#Eyelove SF palette colors from top left: Sutro, Valencia, Bae Area, Candy Rain
Swatches from L-R: Sutro, Valencia, Bae Area, Candy Rain
So why rosy browns? An explanation from SoothingSista herself:
"I wanted to choose colors in the rose family because it is a color family that works with many different skin tones. I wanted the colors to be wearable for day to night but also different from everyday nudes." -Stephanie Villa
And she's right. These aren't brown-based nudes. They're pink-based which adds a touch of warmth and they are appropriate for a day at the office or a night out with friends. 

Sutro - light dusty rose matte
I don't like to draw too much attention to my eyes (or my face in general) so I like matte eyeshadows. In the palette this looks like a light rosy pink, but on my skin it looks more beige. It's so close to my natural skin color that this swatch is actually 5 swipes with a cotton ball. For some reason the color just didn't want to build. But that's okay, I like subtlety. This one makes for a nice base.

Valencia - medium pinky-brown matte
Here is another matte shade that's a little darker and pinker than Sutro. Valencia is sort of a sienna meets mauve type of deal. It's another matte shade and was much easier to build than Sutro. The swatch is two swipes of Valencia. This is appropriate for daily office wear and I think might be my favorite color in the palette.

Bae Area - metallic rose shimmer with silver micro-glitter
When it comes to eyeshadows I shy away from metallics and glitters because I don't know how to pull them off without making myself look like a crying unicorn (minus the horn and glitter farts). I own one shimmery blue shadow that (thankfully) somehow loses all shimmer once it makes contact with my skin. I'm not quite prepared for this level of glitter. Bae Area is a very light shimmery pink that I suppose can be used as a highlighter, but as you can see from the single-swipe swatch to the right, this is pretty high up there in the shiny department.

Candy Rain - metallic pink shimmer with iridescent glitter
This is the only color that I'd truly call rosy when applied, though all of them have some degree of pink while in the compact. It's not as shiny as Bae Area, though it still has a bit of glitter. I'd actually call this a shimmer, whereas I'd consider Bae Area to be metallic. I don't think I'm adventurous enough to wear this to the office (no one even wears makeup around there), but I'll try this the next time we go to dinner. I'm used to browns on my eyelids so this will be a nice change that will hopefully add some warmth to my overall look. 
I thought all of the colors were blendable and I have some ideas of what kind of look I want to create with them. If you want to see what you can do with the #eyelove quad, here is SoothingSista sporting it in an everyday look and glammed up. Personally I think her shadow looks basically the same in both photos; maybe it's just a smidge more intense in the second picture. Or am I missing something? Maybe I can look classy too if I invest in some lashes and cherry red lipstick.

The palette also came with a couple of samples. I think these little extras may be a new thing Memebox is doing. And it's to their benefit; who doesn't like getting freebies?

So what are my final thoughts on this palette? Overall I really like it. It's full of browny-pink neutrals that are suitable for everyday wear even in the office. I'm not sure how much use I'll get out of Bae Area because it's a tad too metallic for my taste, but the rest of the colors are gorgeous. They take me outside of my browns-only comfort zone and while I may not sport it at work (the folks there are very observant; they gush on and on about something as minor as wearing your hair down if you normally wear it up), I'll definitely be using this when C and I go out. Can't wait!

The #eyelove quad is available in the Memeshop right now for $17, and you can add on an I'm Eyeshadow brush for only $4 more!

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Note: Post does not contain affiliate links. I received this eyeshadow quad from Memebox for review purposes. I did not pay for this product, but my opinions  on it are 100% honest!


  1. I really liked the colors. They weren't very pigmented and the lighter one was a little too "sparkletime" for me. But the colors are pretttty! My faves. :D

    1. I've only actually used the matte ones so far. Haven't really built up the courage to rock the sparkly ones. And I'll probably never use the Bae Area, definitely too sparkletime!