Friday, March 20, 2015

Savor Whipped Soap Haul #2

A couple of months ago I bought a few travel-sized creme fraiche whipped soaps from Savor. I realized that these soaps last surprisingly long because all you need is a dime-sized dollop since it lathers so well. I'm only on my second bottle (and these are only 2 oz containers!), but I couldn't wait to get my hands on more scents. They're all so yummy! This time I opted to go with the 6-pc customized trial size set. I haven't used any of them yet so I can't do a true review, but I wanted to share with you which scents I chose. Okay and maybe plug this company because Lisa's product quality is fantastic! All of Savor's products are organic/vegan so everyone can enjoy! In no particular order here's what I chose this time around:

Creme Brulee Creme Fraiche
Creme Brulee is a slightly custardy, caramelly, gentle and creamy scent, with a velvety richness you find in a decadent dessert.
This is one of Savor's top sellers, and it's no wonder -- it smells lovely. If you're a sweets person like me, you KNOW when something smells like dessert. This smells exactly like the real thing and I'm kind of hungry now. It looks like there's sugar mixed in throughout the soap so this can probably double as a body scrub. There's also a generous helping of raw sugar crystals to top off the container to make your mouth water even more.

Bananas & Cream Creme Fraiche
I'm not sure where this scent/description disappeared to on Savor's Etsy site, but this smells like a banana smoothie. Or banana Melona bars. (If you haven't tried them before you definitely should. It's like creamy fruit but in popsicle form. Mmmmm) I don't even eat bananas too much unless I'm cramping up or something, but I do want a banana dessert now. Banana flambe. And creme brulee. Together.

Cherry Whip Creme Fraiche
Indulge with Cherry Whip - a sweet and fruity ripe cherry scent with undertones of vanilla, sugar, and marshmallow.
This particular scent is part of Savor's Spring Collection. Whether that means it's a limited time offering I don't know, but I do know I was partly excited but partly dreading that this would have that fake hot cherry scent that turned me off from cherries in the first place. But no. It smells like maraschino cherries mixed with marshmallows, or as I would call it, cherry fluff. Fluffy cherries? I'm impressed. This is probably the first cherry scent that I like. It's sweet but not sickingly pseudo-sweet.

Honey Love Dust Creme Fraiche
Honey Love Dust blends deep cocoa power notes with raw honey, cocoa butter and vanilla scents. The result is a creamy, deeply romantic fragrance.
I can't tell if I like this scent or not. I can definitely pick up on the vanilla and cocoa, but the pink color throws me off. Nothing smells pink about it. And after smelling that creme brulee decadence, this doesn't compare. They both smell creamy and rich, but this scent isn't as complex as Creme Brulee. Perhaps I'd like it better if I sniffed this one first.

Apple & Vanilla Creme Fraiche
Apple & Vanilla gets it right for autumn. Warmth from the vanilla wraps you like a cozy sweater. Tart, crisp little apples reminiscent of cider and pie. A little woodsy, a little sweet, and highly scented.
If I didn't know better I'd think this was a car air freshener. Not that it's a bad thing because apple-scented car air fresheners are my favorite. I can't pick out the vanilla in here so it's just straight up fruity to me. I like fruity. The green apple scent is very fitting for autumn as the description states, but it doesn't have any spice in it so I think it's actually appropriate any time of the year.

Sweet Cake Jojoba Scrub Creme Fraiche
Sweet Cake is a delicious, frosting-like foaming bath soap, studded with skin-loving jojoba beads and generously scented.
Mmm cake. This was the reason I KNEW I had to get more whipped soaps. I saw it right after I had submitted my first Savor order and kicked myself for not seeing it earlier. Because #1: I like cake; and #2: IT'S GOT COLORFUL SPRINKLES. This whipped soap is available in two forms - with or without the sprinkles aka jojoba beads. Obviously I went with sprinkles. I tend to gravitate toward creamy frosting-y scents and this totally smells like frosting. I'm almost afraid it'll be sticky like the real thing when I use it, that's how convincing it is.

Also included was a sample soap in Lilac scent. I think this one is made with goat milk. Anyhow, it's too floral for me so I'll probably pass it along to my mom.

I think this order covered the majority of the scents that spiked my curiosity. These are 2 oz minis (the full size is 8 oz), and each takes about a month to go through. Judging by my calculations I should have 6 months of smelling like I ate dessert while showering. My favorite of the bunch is either the Creme Brulee or Sweet Cake. I was certain I'd love Sweet Cake the most, but Creme Brulee really blew me away. I'm least crazy about Honey Love Dust, but then again that's probably only because it carries the same richness as Creme Brulee and my mind was pre-blown by that  one. I seriously can't stop sniffing these whipped soaps. Some of the Sweet Cake got on me by accident (or was it??) and now I can't stop sniffing my hand! I said it before and I'll say it again. I 100% recommend Savor. The turnaround time is lightning fast considering they make soap in small batches, shipping is reasonable, and Lisa is super nice!


  1. Ooh sprinkles! Creme Brulee sounds positively delightful.

    1. It sure is! I find myself ripping through the current Savor whipped soap I'm using just so that I can get to it faster!