Monday, April 20, 2015

My Memebox Search Soul Event Goodies!

Last week Memebox held an unannounced mystery sale similar to the Easter Egg hunt they had a couple of weeks ago. Basically you search their site for Seoul districts such as these:
Each location corresponds to a certain mystery product. Add 'em to your cart and a few days later you'll find a box at your doorstep. It's that easy. I'm sure I couldn't find all of them, but of the ones I did see, one was going for $15 and the rest were in the single digits. 
This was the first time I ordered something from Memebox since they started their domestic shipping. The package reminded me a lot of Ipsy's but silver. Here's what I scored:

Leaders Baby Soft Hand & Foot Masks (Value: $5 each?) - I think these are the items that were selling for $2 apiece - Cheongdadong and Myeongdong. I've actually never used a hand mask before. Fortunately, my hands don't get very dry unless I forget to use gloves when bleaching my bathroom or something. If anything there's just this one recurring dry patch on my thumb, but I just slather on the the hand cream and it's fine. Now that a hand mask has found its way to me I'll definitely be trying this out. And I love foot masks. Not as fun as a foot peeling mask, but I do have cracked heels so I could always use a moisturizing foot mask too.

Leaders Coconut Gel Mask with Blueberry (Value: $2.75) - I've only recently entered the world of hydrogel masks and I like them because of the jiggly texture. Because seriously, who doesn't like playing with the gel after you remove the mask? Oh, am I the only one? Hm...well don't I feel silly. I'm pretty sure this is the Hongdae item that was selling for $1. Blueberries are loaded with antioxidants to help your skin look and feel healthier and more supple. I should have added more to my cart, maybe I would have gotten the other varieties  as well (orange, tomato, broccoli)?

Lioele Cheek Beam Blusher (Value: $13.80) - This was the $6 Itaewon item. It's a cream blusher that will moisturize while leaving a sheer, natural-looking hint of color on your cheeks with a silky finish.  The color is a pretty doll pink that I think is too pink for my liking (I tend to use the ones with more peach in them). Since I'm probably going to re-home this blush I haven't opened it, so here's what it looks like straight from the Memebox website:

Not a bad mystery haul. Each was Meme-worth about twice as much as it sold for. I'm kind of bummed that I didn't love the cream blusher though. I'm not sure if it's just my lack of skills (it probably is), but I could never make pink look natural on my skin. But that's okay, someone else will be enjoying this and looking fabulous.

Did you participate in the Search Soul sale? What did you get?


  1. I got the blusher and the two baby moisturizing masks, too. I think Memebox found a new way to suck me in with this Mystery stuff... >.<

    1. Seriously! I've been doing a good job resisting the boxes, but if they keep doing these mystery sales I will be broke in no time!