Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Seoul Searching With Memebox - Find the Cities!

Remember how Memebox had an egg hunt on their site to celebrate Easter? I'm pretty sure they have something similar to that going on RIGHT NOW but with Korean cities. Scattered throughout their site are "cities" you can purchase. And these are cheaper than the Easter eggs for the most part! Here's what I was able to find:

Hongdae - $1.00

Cheongdamdong - $2.00

Myeongdong - $2.00

Itaewon - $6.00

Gangnam - $15.00 (Sold Out)

All of them except Gangnam were still available at the time of this post. Not sure what made Gangnam cost so much more than the rest, but I think we have PSY to thank for that.

As far as I know this is an unannounced event. Now it makes me wonder how often they do this kind of stuff and how much I've missed out on already?

Happy hunting!


  1. Gangnam is probably more expensive because it's a very wealthy part of Seoul in reality, lol. I couldn't resist this theme so I got them! I feel like the mystery hunts are a relatively recent thing. The Easter one was only a couple of weeks ago, after all.

    1. That Gangnam one went fast! I heard it was sold out long before I even started filling up my cart. I hope these hunts continue to make an occasional appearance. They're fun!!