Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Smiley360 Mission - Randoms Gummy Candy

I like fruits. Even in non-fruit forms. And even if it's more calories than a fruit should be. You know, like apple juice - 10% apple, 90% sugar. Or fruit snacks. I love fruit snacks. I've always loved fruit snacks. I was the little kid who didn't care about Barbie and her pink convertible - JUST GIVE ME THOSE FLINTSTONES FRUIT SNACKS! LOOK, MOM, IT SAYS NEW! I NEED TO HAVE IT. CAN I HAVE IT? PLEEEASE?! So you could imagine my excitement when Smiley360 told me a brand spanking new bag of fruit snacks was headed my way. What that WHAT?? :)))))))

Yes, Smiley360, those guys who send you on missions and give you free products to review and all they ask for in return is your honest feedback. Sometimes the item you get to review is full-sized; other times you get samples, but the amount will always be enough for you to form an opinion on it.
It's been a while since my last mission, but it was worth the wait. I'd much rather offer my two cents on gummy snacks than baby wipes because, you know, I don't have a baby. Unless you want my feedback on how well they work on dog feet. Because if so I'm your girl. I buy Costco packs of that stuff, all for my dogs. Spoiled dogs. But I digress.

Gummy snacks! Randoms are a brand new gummy candy manufactured by Wonka, the same guys who bring you Nerds, Laffy Taffy, Sweet Tarts, and of course, it's also the centerpiece of any sweet-toothed-child's favorite movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Smiley360 told me I'd be getting one stand-up bag and one peg bag of Randoms gummies. I knew a stand-up bag meant it had to be pretty sizable, but holy cow! Check out what came in the package:
That's a 10-oz bag on the left side. Ten ounces of fruity gummy goodness. Um yes, please! The peg bag they sent is by no means tiny, as it's still half the size (5.25 oz) of the big one. Yesss, more candy for me! Well, it's actually meant to be shared with a friend, but who's keeping track? I already let them try a few from my big bag of Randoms anyway.

Fruit snacks generally fall into one of two categories (to me anyway): the soft gummy ones that all taste the same (the typical "gummy" candy that you see everywhere), and the harder, not-so-gummy ones (e.g. the Phineas & Ferb ones shown below).
There's the gummy fruit snacks - sticky, stretchy and chewy.
And the not-so-gummy fruit snack: there's usually an opaque one for some reason. (the blue piece here)
Randoms fits the former type. They soft, they're gushy, and they're squishy. So why a name like Randoms? That's easy. It's because you never know what kind of gummy you're going to pull out of the bag next.
I have yet to find an exact repeat, and I'm almost done with the entire stand-up bag! Here's why you'll probably never see the same thing twice:

SHAPE: There are 70 different gummy shapes. SEVENTY! Most of them are everyday objects you see around you - flowers, cars, clocks, trees, bicycles. Then there are the less common ones - choo choo trains, suit of clubs, a shuttlecock, even a gorilla.
FLAVOR: On top of the seemingly endless number of shapes, there's the flavors - seven of them. I'm still trying to pick them out: orange, lemon, grape, cherry,.....raspberry? Oh hell, I don't know. Pretty much any common fruity flavor you can think of, it's probably in here. Not that it really matters since I can't tell the difference between the flavors anyway.
TEXTURE: As if 490 combinations weren't enough (70 shapes x 7 flavors = 490 combos....math whiz at work here), there are three textures - regular gummy, layered gummy with a marshmallow creme back, and jam-filled marshmallow creme gummy. That brings the total number of possible combinations up to...1,470? Seriously?! Jeez Louise that's a really large number.
The three textures you'll find in a bag of Randoms gummies
I snipped the jam-filled gummy in half so you can see what the innards look like
For all you health-conscious eaters out there, I must note that this is in no way a healthy fruit alternative. It's still loaded with calories and sugar. If you were to eat the whole stand-up bag in one sitting you'd knock out about a thousand calories from your daily caloric intake. And since this is a fat-free (yay!!) and protein-free snack, that means those are all empty sugar calories (booo!!). 
This snack is made from 5% fruit juice concentrate, so if you eat the whole bag you'll probably ingest the equivalent of a juicy strawberry. (Plus a butt load of sugar) According to the ingredients those juice concentrates come from apples, oranges, lemons, mandarins, and....carrots? There are also puree concentrates from blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and....hibiscus. Whoa. And I thought having carrot juice concentrate in here was weird. Well at least now we know what the seven flavors in here are.

So would I recommend buying these gummies? DEFINITELY. Sure, they're not the healthiest food and should not be a substitution for your daily servings of fruit, but as a snack it's pretty awesomesauce. I think the part I like best about these is the seemingly endless variety of shapes. I'm 800% sure I've eaten more than 70 gummies by now but I can't recall seeing any shape twice. That's because the different colors made them look totally different the second time around. Oh look, I just pulled out purple sneakers. That's new. My second favorite thing about this is the marshmallow creme layer on some of them. Because OHMYGOSH I'm a sucker for marshmallow creme gummies. Those Trolli Strawberries & Cream gummies and Peachie-O's? NOM to the infinitieth power. I just died a little inside while doing a Google search and found out that those strawberry gummies are pretty much non-existent in this day and age. We must rely on Randoms to keep up the marmallow  legacy. So go and pick up your bag today and keep the marshmallow cremes alive!

Note: This post contains referral links. I received Randoms fruit snacks complimentary from Smiley360 for testing purposes. This post reflects my honest opinions about this product.


  1. I also love gummies. My current favorites are the Annies Bunnies gummies. You know, that natural brand? deeelicious. My favorite gummies of all times were the original fruit snacks which I don't think they make any more because I can't find them. The little... bean-shaped (??) ones with the flat bottoms? They were the opaque kind, not the chewy, stretchy kind. I loved them and would beg my mom all the time in the store for them. I miss them. I don't like the chewy stretchy kind. Probably out of loyalty to my first fruit snack love. Ah, well.

    1. Ahh I always see the Annie's Gummy Bunnies at the store and always pick up the box because it says STRAWBERRY. Then I put it back, pick it up, put it back. I totally want to try them but already have way too many snacks in the house. :( I should just buy it already and stop wussing out.