Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Birchbox Unboxing - May 2015

What: Birchbox contains 4-6 samples of high-end beauty and lifestyle products
When: Ships on the 10th of each month
Cost: $10/month or $110/year upfront
Fun fact: Birchbox has an awesome points system where you can review products or make purchases from the Birchbox shop to earn points. Every 100 points gets you $10 credit in the BB shop.

Each month Birchbox collaborates with a company or individual to curate a box. Usually there's also a book promo where if you spend so much in the Birchbox shop you can get the book of the month for free. This month's partner and author is Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere, a blog about contemporary fashion, food, beauty, and decor. I seriously think this blog could easily find its way into my daily readings because THIS COOKIES AND CREAM CAKE RECIPE. If this is a snippet of what the rest of the blog has to offer, I'm so game. 
May Birchbox info card
Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Day Tint (0.17oz sample value: $4.80) - Dr. Jart is a Korean-based skincare brand that's since branched out into a number of countries. In fact, Birchbox has been dishing out Dr. Jart goodies since before I subscribed almost two years ago. I don't remember exactly what I received before, but it was some kind of moisturizer. And now here's another one, but tinted and with sun protection. As the name implies, Ceramidin Day Tint is formulated with ceramides, which are naturally-occurring lipids found in cell membranes in the skin and help to prevent loss of moisture. As skin ages, ceramide production declines and cells aren't able to retain moisture as effectively. That's where topically applied ceramides come in (yes, they can be absorbed by the skin). But here's the thing: ceramides are only effective when it's combined with cholesterol and free fatty acids at the correct ratio. I haven't been able to find a complete ingredient list so I can't say whether this cream sounds promising.

Chosungah 22 Flavorful Lipstick - Jello Orange (0.12oz full size value: $18, but $32 on the Chosungah website. Holy cow!!) - Well well well, it looks like Birchbox is really jumping on the K-beauty wagon. I've seen Dr. Jart+ in boxes before, but this is the first time I've seen a Chosungah product. Chosungah is a world famous Korean makeup guru who creates tons of celebrities' makeup looks. Here we have the lipstick from her makeup line. I love jello, and Orange Jello is such a fun name/flavor for a lipstick. Except for one thing. I'm sort of terrified of orange lipsticks. In all fairness, I've only actually tried one orange lip product and it really wasn't that bad. And Memebox's Orange Dahlia lipstick is actually very pretty. But something about orange freaks me out. Like I would never wear orange eye shadow because I'm not brave enough. Or dye my hair orange. I'll have to think about this one for a bit. It's supposed to be lightly scented...I do love the smell of orange jello...

Raw Spirit Fragrances - Citadelle (sample vial) - At $90 per ounce, I was hoping to feel like a million bucks taking a whiff of this. But it made me feel kind of masculine. (Does masculine = a million bucks? You decide.) The first thing I thought was, hmm...woodsy. Like cedar or something. Or maybe pine. Okay I'm kind of terrible at pinning down fragrances, but I do know it's not really for me. Maybe Raw Spirit can describe it better: "A modern interpretation of a classic vetiver fragrance, blending premium Haitian vetiver, marigold, pear, bergamot, lemon, cinnamon, nutmeg, amberwood, musk and cedarwood." Well at least I got the cedarwood part correct. This is a unisex fragrance, but as I mentioned earlier, it's a bit masculine for me (I prefer sweet and fruity scents). Part of the proceeds from fragrance sales will support sustainable Haitian agricultural projects, and while that sounds terrific, I just can't bring myself to love this one. Maybe some of the other scents will sound more appealing to me.

Naobay Oxygenating Cream Moisturizer (0.67oz sample value: $14.20) - Naobay is an organic, cruelty-free brand that started in Spain. I remember getting the Naobay Radiance lotion a while back, and then I remember seeing Naobay popping up in someone's Birchbox almost every month since. Aside from consistency, I'm not exactly sure what the difference between the two are, as the main ingredients are the same. Avocado and olive oil offer intense hydration for dry skin, and the fatty acids can help fill in fine lines as well.

Living Proof Restore Instant Repair Lotion (1oz travel size: $7.25...also included were shampoo and conditioner foils to complete the set) - Lots of things claim to repair split ends but if you really think about it, unless you literally put glue on your hair, it's pretty impossible to fix a split end without snipping it off. This repair lotion/cream supposedly coats the hair shaft with...lotion?...and seals those hair cuticles and split ends. So this is a temporary fix until the next time your hair gets wet and the coating washes off. The other half of this cream is preventive maintenance. It prevents 93% of new split ends (how did they get that number??) and makes hair 15 times stronger after just a single use. Again I'm thinking these effects are only temporary because it's essentially just a coating of cream "sealing" the cuticles and making hair feel less brittle until the next time you wash it. So this is basically the same as every other hair cream on the block. Don't get me wrong, I love my hair oils and creams because they make my hair feel soft, but keep in mind it's not a permanent thing and once you stop using it your hair will most likely go back to how it was before. After all, hair past the follicles are made up of dead cells, and there's not much one can do to bring those cells back to life and kickstart repair mechanisms.

So this box was kind of a dud for me. Nothing was super interesting or made me feel like I NEED IT NOW. Well, orange jello sounds interesting. Maybe I'll hold onto the lipstick just to get over my orange fear. But everything else will be finding a new home. *sniff sniff* I think it's time to change up my profile a bit. I've been getting way too many moisturizers and I'm sort of swimming in them right now. If you want to subscribe to Birchbox, please sign up here. It looks like they're venturing into more foreign brands which can only make things even more fun. And who doesn't like fun?!!

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Ipsy Review - May 2015

It's Ipsy time! I once again refrained from peeking at any spoilers so I had no idea what to expect. Ipsy used to be primarily makeup (and depending on your profile maybe it still is), but I've noticed that I tend to get half makeup and half skincare products. And that's a good thing. And they do match everything pretty well to my profile. But because of that, I have so many of the things I like that I end up swapping it all because I'll never get to it in time. Maybe I should change it up just to get different stuff that I normally wouldn't even think of buying...

What: Ipsy Glam Bags contain 5 deluxe samples and full sized beauty products (mostly makeup) in an exclusive makeup bag.
When: Glam Bags ship monthly on the 10th
Cost: $10/month
Fun Extra: You can review your products each month to earn ipsyPoints which can be redeemed for monthly bonus items.

May's theme is Jetsetter so I'm expecting to find some foreign brands in here. Or maybe we'll see multi-tasking products that can be taken anywhere and applied on the go. Hmm. Let's find out...

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Lip Pencil - Ozone (0.8g sample value: $13.30) - At first I was a little bummed because I saw a cardboard sample. Then I opened it and....yay! It wasn't a boring lip gloss or foundation sample but a lip pencil, and a very nice sized one too. I think what I like most is that the Ozone one is colorless so it's appropriate for all lipstick/lip gloss shades. It also contains vitamin E, jojoba oil, and cottonseed oil so it's moisturizing. Or it should be anyway. It did feel moisturizing to the touch. I know so because when it arrived, the tip was broken and when I picked up the broken piece it felt squishy. You know, like the dried up lotion ball on the pump of a bottle. But when I actually tried applying it, it didn't glide on smoothly at all and in fact nothing even transferred to my lips. They were just as dry after as they were before application. Bummerz. In addition to the lip pencil were two Revolution High-Color Lipgloss samples in Failbait (peony pink) and Bittersweet (lilac purple). If you're into bold colors these be for you, but they were both waaay too bright for me to wear anywhere past my bathroom door.
Close up of Urban Decay 24/7 lip pencil
Bellapierre Waterproof Gel Eyeliner - Ebony (0.8g full size value: $15) - I'm a fan of black eyeliners and will always be, so I'm not disappointed in getting this. But I just have so many and I collect them faster than I can use them. I'm still on the search for the perfect fine-tipped eye pencil that goes on smooth and won't budge; they all claim to be smudgeproof but maybe I have oily eyes or something because they always end up coming off within a couple hours. Maybe I should practice using liquid liners, at least I know those won't budge. Anyone got any tips on how to have a steady hand?

Not Your Mother's Deja Vu Do Style Extender (1oz sample value: $2.25) - Do you believe in magic? How about a cream that controls frizz and keeps your hair clean for days by repelling dirt and oil? All while adding body and flexible hold. So I guess it's also like a creamy mousse? I like fruity scents, and while this has an apple berry scent it's a bit strong for me. I think it's because there's a chemical smell in it that turns me off.

St. Tropez One Night Only Instant Glow Body Lotion (1.69oz sample value: $6 $3) - If you want an instant tan that will wash off the next time you shower, this is your answer. And it's on sale for half off! I shouldn't have to use self-tanners very often since it's pretty sunny here all year round, but as I find myself locked indoors 90% of the time, I'm pretty pasty compared to most of the other folks. Not to mention that in the rare occasion I do catch a real tan, it fades within a week. What can I say, my skin loves to regenerate as quickly as possible so...thanks I guess? I want to be nicely tanned for my upcoming wedding so I'm on the hunt for the perfect tanner that won't stain my dress. One Night Only lotion is a self-tanner will last for, well, one night. Or until you shower. Or get rained on. The tanning effect should be instant since you're basically rubbing color on yourself. I used this over the weekend and saw absolutely no difference. I wasn't too surprised though. Even self-tanners that should last a week last barely a day on me.

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ (4ml sample value: $4.75) - I don't use CC creams, but I opened this because it came in a nice shiny box. I'm a huge sucker for pretty packaging. Like other CC/DD/EE/FF/ZZ creams etc, this one is a multi-tasker - moisturizer, concealer, brightener, and sunscreen. It's oozing with all kinds of good stuff like niacin, hyaluronic acid, peptides, and vitamins A, B, C and E. I think I'll use this as an eye brightener for when I only get a couple hours of sleep and wake up with uglies under my eyes.

Well, I suppose my hunches were somewhat correct. We have a UK-based brand in here (St. Tropez) as well as multi-taskers (CC cream & hair cream). Unfortunately, 3/5 items were misses. I'm disappointed in the lip pencil and self-tanner, and the hair cream scent makes my head hurt. I'll probably end up giving away the eyeliner since I have a million blacks at home, so the only thing I'll actually use is the CC cream. Looks like it's time to tweak my profile! 

As you can tell from this review, not every glam bag is a hit, but overall I still think Ipsy is worth it. Makeup is freakin' expensive and the glam bag value is unreal. This month I got over $30 worth of stuff for less than $10. Sure, I kind of lost out this month since I'll only keeping one thing that's valued at less than I paid, but there have been months where I totally lucked out. To get your own Ipsy glam bag, click here to get on the wait list. You won't be charged for your first bag until you get off the list (it usually takes several weeks, but you can skip the wait by posting to Facebook and having a friend subscribe from your link).

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

BarkBox Review - May 2015

BarkBox day is probably my favorite sub box day of the month. For reals. I think I'm just as excited as my dogs to see what's inside. Plus my little monsters go through everything in the box each month and it's nice to not have to make a trip to the pet store (it's also nice to save a few bucks with a sub box :]). 

What: BarkBox is a subscription box for dogs filled with 4-6 treat, toy, and hygiene items. Boxes are curated according to your dog's size. This review is for a medium-dog box.
When: Ships monthly on the 15th
Cost: $18-$29 per month depending on the length of your subscription
Fun Fact: 10% of proceeds from each BarkBox goes to rescue groups!

Looks like BarkBox has special paper this month in honor of the Garden Pawty theme. Spring is in full swing and the pups can once again run through the garden. CAN YOU DIG IT? Just don't dig up the plants. I'm talking to you, Macho & Pebbles.

May BarkBox info card

R2P Silly Bums Bumblebee (Value: $7) - Something silly and fun to start off the garden box. A bee! Or half of one. Silly Bums is a line of R2P Pet specializing in, you guessed it, butts. They have lots of animal halves and I can't stop giggling. The baboon one made a round through BarkBox several months back but I missed out on it so I'm happy to get a bee for spring! This one in the box isn't exactly like the one I linked to above, but I think it's even cuter! This one was designed for BarkBox and has wings (the one on the Silly Bums website doesn't). The top of the bee is soft plastic but I'm not sure why. I guess it makes it more puncture-resistant, but my dogs will totally chomp right through it. Then they'll try to eat the plastic layer because they're not that bright. Brownie points: this toy also crinkles! My furries love crinkly toys just as much as they love squeakies.

West Paw Design Zogoflex Bumi Tug Toy (Value: $12) - After receiving 22 BarkBoxes, we have finally gotten our first repeat toy. We got the blue Bumi well over a year ago and Macho was all over it for the first couple of days then he just kind of lost interest in it. I figured it was because he preferred squeaky toys, so when Pebbles joined us I expected her to go nuts over it since she'll play with anything. Sadly though, she didn't care too much for it either. They'll play tug of war with it sometimes, but they like their rope toys better. I'm kind of *sad face* now because this is something that Pebbles can't destroy easily (plus it floats!), but she won't play with it :( Well maybe she would if I took away all of her squeaky toys, but I'm not that mean of a dog mama. Yet.

Twiggy's Cupcake Diet Dogs Love Kale Apple Crisp (Value: $7) - If I haven't said it before, I'm not ashamed to admit that my dogs eat healthier than me. Twiggy's Cupcakes started out making healthy(ier) human cupcakes and branched off into the Dogs Love Kale line after seeing how much the co-owners' dogs loved kale. Dogs Love Kale has 5 yummy flavors and we get to try Apple Crisp this month. Of course both dogs gobbled it up happily. I guess they like to eat healthy :)
Dogs Love Kale flavors
Nooties No Grainers Jerky Chews - Hickory Bacon (Value: $4) - We're no strangers to No Grainers jerky chews, but I can't remember if the dogs have tried the hickory bacon flavor before. They probably did. And they must have loved it because I only remember the flavors they don't care for so I know not to get it again. These are small 2" sticks so they're perfect as bedtime treats :)

Etta Says Crunchy Turkey Chews (Value: $3...but probably less) - We get one of these Etta Says sticks in every box and, though very overpriced per the Barkvalue, the dogs love 'em. We've gotten a variety of flavors and each one has been quickly devoured; they don't last two minutes around here :(. Turkey is one of the more "normal" protein sources that we've received and this will be thoroughly enjoyed by whichever pup decides to help me pull weeds tomorrow. We've got a LOT of weeds in the yard...

This wasn't one of my favorite BarkBoxes, but it was okay because I found out my dogs love kale and they scored a new sleepytime treat. I'm not sure how well the bee will hold up to their jaws, but it's super cute so maybe I'll keep it for myself (I find myself saying that a lot lately and I've amassed quite the collection...).  I'm not too thrilled about receiving another Bumi given that they didn't care for it the first time around, but I was using a different account back then so it's not BarkBox's fault at all. I highly recommend anyone looking to spoil their furry friend to check out this subscription. It was my first sub box and remains one of my favorites. You can sign up here for as low as $18/month -- plus get a free box tacked on to your subscription just for using my link! Thanks in advance!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap Summer 2015 Box "Straight On Till Morning"

Sooo I think I may have a slight hoarding problem, especially when it comes to bath & body products. I keep collecting samples of soaps and lotions and everything in between but I never use them and I don't know why. I think maybe it's because those tiny little jars are just so darn cute. I'm that person who will keep an empty container for years just because it has a cute label on it. I still have the unused body wash from the spring Fortune Cookie Soap box in my closet and it took every ounce of willpower in me to get myself to finally use the bath tea last week (it didn't work. I think I was better off using it as potpourri; plus it would have lasted longer).

What: Fortune Cookie Soap Company specializes in bath and body products in unique exclusive scents. The Soap box contains 8 pre-release FCS bath product samples
When: Ships quarterly (Feb/May/Aug/Nov)
Cost: $19.99 (US), $28.00 (CAN), $34.00 (Int'l)
Fun fact: Each box comes with a $10 code to use in the upcoming product launch!

Now here I am with the next FCS box. It seems like we haven't quite left fantasy land after spring's Alice in Wonderland theme -- summer's "Straight On Till Morning" box has everything to do with Peter Pan. Let's see what kind of adventures await us, shall we?
Summer soap box info card

Lost Boys Whipped Cream - golden apricot muddled with fresh white peaches. This sounds yummy, unfortunately it doesn't smell like it sounds. I've learned to love peach scents thanks to K-beauty, but I couldn't pick up on anything peach about it. Or apricot, for that matter. I actually think this smells like a car air freshener called "cool breeze" or "crisp waterfall" or something to that effect. It's not a bad scent, but it's not very masculine and I highly doubt the Lost Boys of Neverland would want to smell like this.

Tink! OCD Hand Sanitizer - fresh cherries in cream, sprinkled with toasted coconut and a fairy dusting of powder sugar. This sounds like a very sweet and rich scent and something right up my alley. I do smell the cherries and cream on the dry down (and it smells DELISH), but no sugar or coconut here. I think I'd like this better if it were in a different form, maybe lip balm or whipped cream or something that I use more than hand sanitizer. There are tiny flecks of glitter in here that get all over you when rubbing it into your hands. I don't know why they added glitter because I find it annoying, but I think it might be an FCS thing; the last bottle of sanitizer I got also had glitter in it.

The Boy Who Never Grew Up Salt Scrub - tropical margarita - served with a salted rim. Interesting scent, but it doesn't smell like margarita. When I think of margaritas I think of something tart and sweet at the same time. This scrub doesn't smell tart at all. I can't quite put it into words, but the phrase "green apple body wash" comes to mind. It also smells a teeny tiny bit like Spree candy. Is that too descriptive? This takes me back to my preschool days for some reason. I think my classroom may have smelled like this. Or maybe it was my teacher. Who knows, I was three. Well at least it lives up to its name - this makes my mind feel as if it never grew up.

Kiss Lip Balm - exotic watermelon, juicy pineapple and coconut water, bursting with fresh citrus juices. Mmm talk about mouth watering. This is a tiny sample about an inch tall that I am certain I will lose within the week. I like when lip balms have some flavor to them, and FCS did not disappoint. The balm itself feels highly moisturizing thanks to coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter, and vitamin E. But what impressed me even more is that it actually tastes like citrus and maybe a bit of watermelon. It's untinted so you can even wear it under lipstick if you wanted to.

Second Star to the Right Fortune Cookie Soap - crushed berries and mint leaves with a splash of sparkling pomelo, served over iced sugarcane. Each box comes with the namesake soap shaped like a fortune cookie (there's even a fortune inside too). I have yet to use one because I don't use solid soaps very often. They last forever and I usually end up getting tired of the scent before it's used up. I can't say much about this one except that it smells like soap. Not like the Dial or Irish Spring bar soaps, but imagine if they made gel deodorant into a soap. I think it would smell like this.

The Captain Steam Me Up Scotty! - dewy magnolias and wild berries drenched with fresh cream. Every time I read the word "cream" I imagine something sweet. This soap is like a perfume. It has floral top notes followed by a subtle sweetness of berries. Then the cream is apparent in the...aftersmell? I think I just did a terrible job describing this but all I know is I like it. If it smells as good in the shower as it does right now I may have to get more. And that's saying a lot because I normally don't even like florals. Thanks, Captain Hook!

Mermaid Lagoon Two Phase Perfume Oil - There's no scent description for this one on the info card but I'd say this smells like someone accidentally dipped a graham cracker in aftershave. Wait. Not dipped, soaked. I can't even smell the spiciness anymore; all I smell is a masculine scent. It's giving me a headache. Those poor mermaids. On the upside, this is kinda cool to look at. The oil and fragrance separate out so you have to shake it before using it. I'm easily amused so I'm having a blast just shaking it and watching it separate over and over again. Word of warning: this stains clothes according to the info card.

Wendy Bird Veggie Protein Deodorant - bright, green apple with a balmy, tropical twist. What a fresh scent. And it actually smells like the description. This is about the size of a Zippo and would fit easily into your purse. I am one of those people who leaves the house on the spur of the moment to grab groceries only to realize once I reach the parking lot that I forgot to put on deodorant. I've since learned to keep a full-sized stick in my bag for emergencies but it's pretty bulky and my bf looks at me funny when I dig around for my keys and pull out a stick of deodorant instead. This is more discreet, not to mention it smells a lot fresher than baby powder + flowers.

So I can see myself using three, maybe four of the things in the summer soap box. I'm kind of disappointed that a lot of these scents were completely different than the descriptions (to me anyway). I think my favorite thing in here is the deodorant because it's practical and it smells so clean. My least fave would have to be the perfume oil. It smells nothing like lagoons or mermaids (as if I know what a mermaid smells like) and it's way too strong for me. Maybe that's how mermen smell? In that case I'm glad my bf is not a merman.

Did you order an FCS soap box? What do you think of the items? If you want in, you can subscribe to the Fall box here. I wouldn't say that the value exceeds the purchase price, but you do get original scents with fun names so maybe you're paying for the novelty of it all. Plus you get a $10 off code with each box, but that requires you to make a purchase so I don't count it toward the box value. But I think I'll stick around for the next couple of boxes; I love fall pumpkin and winter pine scents. :)

Note: I paid for this box and everything in this post are mine and my nose's honest opinions.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Memebox x Pony 3 Palette & Lipstick

A lot of people love the XO Memebox line for their crazy bold colors (orange?) that are sure to make heads turn. I've tried a few of their palettes before and (since I'm boring and totally not a trendsetter) have had quite some trouble bringing myself to love the entire thing each time. While I do like most of the color options, there's usually one NO WAY color that's just not for me. Memebox decided to give me another chance and sent the Pony Shine Easy Glam 3 (or simply "Pony 3") eyeshadow quad and a Pony Blossom Lipstick my way. Read on to see if I finally found my true love...

First off....LOOK AT THAT PACKAGING. It's so pretty and I don't want to throw these boxes away, ever. 

The latest eye shadows from Memebox and award-winning makeup artist Pony are available in three palette choices: #01 Brown Bloom, #02 Pink Bloom, and #03 Orange Bloom. There are also four Pony Blossom lipstick shades ranging from light pink to deep red. I received one quad and one lipstick at random and was reeeally hoping I'd get the Brown Bloom quad because *surprise surprise* I love browns. All of the lipstick choices looked decent so I didn't care too much about which one I'd get. (That's true, even the coral-colored Orange Dahlia is very pretty; it doesn't look too orange at all) When I checked my mailbox, guess what? I GOT BROWN BLOOM, BABY. This is beginning to look promising. I also got a Pony Blossom lipstick in #02 Spring Romance which is a burgundy red. To tell you the truth, I've never used red lipstick before. Seriously. I've always stuck to nudes so that I don't draw attention to my chapped lips. This should be interesting.
I'll start with the eye shadow quad. I think this is the most luxe-looking palette I own. It's gold and shiny and feels incredibly sturdy. My only gripe is that since it's shiny I feel compelled to keep it that way. I'm sort of weird when it comes to shiny things; I NEED to keep it clean. Why? Beats me. The chrome fixtures in my bathroom? I wipe them down every single day. I can't stand fingerprints (or waterspots!). I purposely didn't buy a truck with chrome trim because I knew I'd be outside till midnight each night wiping that baby down. I'm strange like that. But other than my personal quirks, I love the look of this. The cover has a magnetic closure and I can't stop opening and closing it. I'm a sucker for magnets. I like this palette and I didn't even see the inside yet.
Ah, here it is. Brown neutrals are my friend:
Brown Bloom palette (no flash)
Here it is again without the plastic covering:
Very pretty, no? My favorite thing so far? Every single one of these colors would go well with golden undertones and looks like something I'd wear. Well, one of them looks super shiny in the quad (Glam Fair Brown), but I think I can pull it off :)
I tried adding flash to bring out the shimmer
All the colors have some degree of shimmer, but Glam Nude Beige is the most matte (mattest?) of the bunch. Here are the swatches:
Pony 3 Brown Bloom eyeshadow quad swatches under indoor lighting with no flash.
All swatches are two swipes of color.
Also, here are better swatches from Memebox, though (for me personally) I think the ones above are more true to life. *shrugs* It's probably a skin tone thing, which is why I've included the Memeswatches as a reference as well.

Glam Nude Beige - This would naturally be my favorite in the quad since it's got the least amount of shimmer. It looks completely matte in the palette photo, but it actually has a tiny bit of shimmer that you can barely see in the swatch. Before, I'd be all over shiny glittery things, but I've come to realize shimmers don't look as good on me as I thought. Or I just don't know how to use it correctly or something. This one was super close to my actual skin color and I wouldn't have been able to tell it was on if it weren't for the subtle specks of glitter. I tried this on my eyes and it looked pretty much like Memebox's example below. This might make a nice base for other colors.

Glam Fair Brown - Here we have the shiniest color of the the bunch. I'm kind of terrified when it comes to shiny, glittery eye shadows because I'm the absolute worst at dealing with fallout. It ends up alllll over my face. No, my eyes did NOT look like the barely-there-shadow example below (called Glam Shimmer Beige for some reason); oh you could definitely tell it was there. Fortunately, it didn't paint my eyes white like I thought it would. It's actually pretty colorless and I'd use this one if I ever wanted to just add some shimmer to any look. And surprisingly, as horrid as I thought I'd look in the end, my face didn't look like a unicorn just farted on it; it was just kind of dewy-looking. (Or maybe that was just because we were at a dim restaurant and you couldn't see much of anything in there, including shiny faces)

Shine Brown - Almost as glittery as Glam Fair Brown but with a little bit of color to subdue it. I wish this looked like how it does on the model below because that's just the kind of brown I like, but it wasn't as intense on me. I didn't find the color very buildable either, though the glitter was (of course). I don't think I'd wear this to the office, but it's definitely appropriate for a casual dinner. I think I'll be getting quite a bit of use out of this.

Shine Midnight Brown - I didn't get to try this on my eyes yet, but if the other colors are any indication of what to expect, I think I'll love this. The others came out lighter than expected which I've found to be a recurring thing with Memebox palettes. This is a lovely dark brown, but my guess is it'll probably look like a medium brown on my eyes, similar to my arm swatch. Assuming it doesn't make me look like I was glitter bombed (and I don't think it will), I think this could replace my current favorite brown eye shadow.

Now on to the Pony Blossom lipstick. As I mentioned earlier, Memebox sent me a random shade. I tend to use glosses and balms and not lipsticks so I didn't care which one I received since they'd all be new to me. The options were a light pink, coral, or one of two reds. Turns out they sent me 02 Spring Romance, the darker of the reds.
Pony Blossom lipstick swatch in Spring Romance
Pony Blossom Lipstick in Spring Romance is burgundy red in the tube but a single swipe comes out looking more like a berry red. There's definitely some pink in here which I'm grateful for, because I've never owned or worn any true red lip products before. The pink definitely makes it look spring-y and despite my reluctance with highly pigmented lipsticks like this one, I think I'll get some use out of it because it's not BAM! IN YO' FACE bold or anything. Because that would totally freak me out. Plus, I can make gradient lips to tone down the color. I've already done it twice with this lipstick and I love it! Maybe once I get used to the pigmentation I'll layer it on for more intensity.
Gradient lips (top) and Bold lip (bottom) looks from Memebox website
So it's official - these are my favorite pieces of Memebox makeup I've used. It's probably not saying much since I don't own a whole lot, but I do like this palette as a whole over the others I've tried (Soothing Sista & Nylon palettes). Of course, that's just a personal preference thing because I tend to gravitate toward earthy browns and neutrals. You know, the boring stuff. So I think it's awesome that I got the Brown Bloom quad. As with most shimmer shadows there is quite a bit of fallout when using this. You might want to use an index card or something to protect your cheeks while applying this. But I still thought it had a really nice assortment of colors. I don't know if I would have enjoyed the Pink and Orange Bloom ones as much, though the Pink Bloom colors do look beautiful in the palette. I'm laughing at myself because I keep saying I want to branch out and explore other colors, yet I still find myself running back toward what I'm comfortable with. Old habits die hard, huh? But I did come out of my shell a little bit thanks to Memebox - I now have a lipstick that I'll be using. For quite some time I've heard how gradient lips are the fad in Asia but never bothered to look into it since I didn't own any lipstick. Now that I do, I'll be sporting this look quite often. The downside is that at the first sip of water or moisture, the lipstick and concealer mix together and you're left with a light red all-over lip color. I don't mind too much though; I like light colors anyway.

If you want to take a closer look at these or other Memebox makeup products, head over to their website and you can browse their selection. It's quite extensive considering they only launched their line last year. The Pony 3 palette is currently selling for $18 and the Pony Blossom lipstick is $12. Remember, you get free shipping on ALL orders of $30 or more! That means you can buy both of these items and it'll qualify for free shipping anywhere in the US. :)

Note: I received the Pony 3 eyeshadow quad and Pony Blossom lipstick from Memebox for review purposes. I did not pay for these items, but I promise these are my own honest opinions!