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Memebox x Pony 3 Palette & Lipstick

A lot of people love the XO Memebox line for their crazy bold colors (orange?) that are sure to make heads turn. I've tried a few of their palettes before and (since I'm boring and totally not a trendsetter) have had quite some trouble bringing myself to love the entire thing each time. While I do like most of the color options, there's usually one NO WAY color that's just not for me. Memebox decided to give me another chance and sent the Pony Shine Easy Glam 3 (or simply "Pony 3") eyeshadow quad and a Pony Blossom Lipstick my way. Read on to see if I finally found my true love...

First off....LOOK AT THAT PACKAGING. It's so pretty and I don't want to throw these boxes away, ever. 

The latest eye shadows from Memebox and award-winning makeup artist Pony are available in three palette choices: #01 Brown Bloom, #02 Pink Bloom, and #03 Orange Bloom. There are also four Pony Blossom lipstick shades ranging from light pink to deep red. I received one quad and one lipstick at random and was reeeally hoping I'd get the Brown Bloom quad because *surprise surprise* I love browns. All of the lipstick choices looked decent so I didn't care too much about which one I'd get. (That's true, even the coral-colored Orange Dahlia is very pretty; it doesn't look too orange at all) When I checked my mailbox, guess what? I GOT BROWN BLOOM, BABY. This is beginning to look promising. I also got a Pony Blossom lipstick in #02 Spring Romance which is a burgundy red. To tell you the truth, I've never used red lipstick before. Seriously. I've always stuck to nudes so that I don't draw attention to my chapped lips. This should be interesting.
I'll start with the eye shadow quad. I think this is the most luxe-looking palette I own. It's gold and shiny and feels incredibly sturdy. My only gripe is that since it's shiny I feel compelled to keep it that way. I'm sort of weird when it comes to shiny things; I NEED to keep it clean. Why? Beats me. The chrome fixtures in my bathroom? I wipe them down every single day. I can't stand fingerprints (or waterspots!). I purposely didn't buy a truck with chrome trim because I knew I'd be outside till midnight each night wiping that baby down. I'm strange like that. But other than my personal quirks, I love the look of this. The cover has a magnetic closure and I can't stop opening and closing it. I'm a sucker for magnets. I like this palette and I didn't even see the inside yet.
Ah, here it is. Brown neutrals are my friend:
Brown Bloom palette (no flash)
Here it is again without the plastic covering:
Very pretty, no? My favorite thing so far? Every single one of these colors would go well with golden undertones and looks like something I'd wear. Well, one of them looks super shiny in the quad (Glam Fair Brown), but I think I can pull it off :)
I tried adding flash to bring out the shimmer
All the colors have some degree of shimmer, but Glam Nude Beige is the most matte (mattest?) of the bunch. Here are the swatches:
Pony 3 Brown Bloom eyeshadow quad swatches under indoor lighting with no flash.
All swatches are two swipes of color.
Also, here are better swatches from Memebox, though (for me personally) I think the ones above are more true to life. *shrugs* It's probably a skin tone thing, which is why I've included the Memeswatches as a reference as well.

Glam Nude Beige - This would naturally be my favorite in the quad since it's got the least amount of shimmer. It looks completely matte in the palette photo, but it actually has a tiny bit of shimmer that you can barely see in the swatch. Before, I'd be all over shiny glittery things, but I've come to realize shimmers don't look as good on me as I thought. Or I just don't know how to use it correctly or something. This one was super close to my actual skin color and I wouldn't have been able to tell it was on if it weren't for the subtle specks of glitter. I tried this on my eyes and it looked pretty much like Memebox's example below. This might make a nice base for other colors.

Glam Fair Brown - Here we have the shiniest color of the the bunch. I'm kind of terrified when it comes to shiny, glittery eye shadows because I'm the absolute worst at dealing with fallout. It ends up alllll over my face. No, my eyes did NOT look like the barely-there-shadow example below (called Glam Shimmer Beige for some reason); oh you could definitely tell it was there. Fortunately, it didn't paint my eyes white like I thought it would. It's actually pretty colorless and I'd use this one if I ever wanted to just add some shimmer to any look. And surprisingly, as horrid as I thought I'd look in the end, my face didn't look like a unicorn just farted on it; it was just kind of dewy-looking. (Or maybe that was just because we were at a dim restaurant and you couldn't see much of anything in there, including shiny faces)

Shine Brown - Almost as glittery as Glam Fair Brown but with a little bit of color to subdue it. I wish this looked like how it does on the model below because that's just the kind of brown I like, but it wasn't as intense on me. I didn't find the color very buildable either, though the glitter was (of course). I don't think I'd wear this to the office, but it's definitely appropriate for a casual dinner. I think I'll be getting quite a bit of use out of this.

Shine Midnight Brown - I didn't get to try this on my eyes yet, but if the other colors are any indication of what to expect, I think I'll love this. The others came out lighter than expected which I've found to be a recurring thing with Memebox palettes. This is a lovely dark brown, but my guess is it'll probably look like a medium brown on my eyes, similar to my arm swatch. Assuming it doesn't make me look like I was glitter bombed (and I don't think it will), I think this could replace my current favorite brown eye shadow.

Now on to the Pony Blossom lipstick. As I mentioned earlier, Memebox sent me a random shade. I tend to use glosses and balms and not lipsticks so I didn't care which one I received since they'd all be new to me. The options were a light pink, coral, or one of two reds. Turns out they sent me 02 Spring Romance, the darker of the reds.
Pony Blossom lipstick swatch in Spring Romance
Pony Blossom Lipstick in Spring Romance is burgundy red in the tube but a single swipe comes out looking more like a berry red. There's definitely some pink in here which I'm grateful for, because I've never owned or worn any true red lip products before. The pink definitely makes it look spring-y and despite my reluctance with highly pigmented lipsticks like this one, I think I'll get some use out of it because it's not BAM! IN YO' FACE bold or anything. Because that would totally freak me out. Plus, I can make gradient lips to tone down the color. I've already done it twice with this lipstick and I love it! Maybe once I get used to the pigmentation I'll layer it on for more intensity.
Gradient lips (top) and Bold lip (bottom) looks from Memebox website
So it's official - these are my favorite pieces of Memebox makeup I've used. It's probably not saying much since I don't own a whole lot, but I do like this palette as a whole over the others I've tried (Soothing Sista & Nylon palettes). Of course, that's just a personal preference thing because I tend to gravitate toward earthy browns and neutrals. You know, the boring stuff. So I think it's awesome that I got the Brown Bloom quad. As with most shimmer shadows there is quite a bit of fallout when using this. You might want to use an index card or something to protect your cheeks while applying this. But I still thought it had a really nice assortment of colors. I don't know if I would have enjoyed the Pink and Orange Bloom ones as much, though the Pink Bloom colors do look beautiful in the palette. I'm laughing at myself because I keep saying I want to branch out and explore other colors, yet I still find myself running back toward what I'm comfortable with. Old habits die hard, huh? But I did come out of my shell a little bit thanks to Memebox - I now have a lipstick that I'll be using. For quite some time I've heard how gradient lips are the fad in Asia but never bothered to look into it since I didn't own any lipstick. Now that I do, I'll be sporting this look quite often. The downside is that at the first sip of water or moisture, the lipstick and concealer mix together and you're left with a light red all-over lip color. I don't mind too much though; I like light colors anyway.

If you want to take a closer look at these or other Memebox makeup products, head over to their website and you can browse their selection. It's quite extensive considering they only launched their line last year. The Pony 3 palette is currently selling for $18 and the Pony Blossom lipstick is $12. Remember, you get free shipping on ALL orders of $30 or more! That means you can buy both of these items and it'll qualify for free shipping anywhere in the US. :)

Note: I received the Pony 3 eyeshadow quad and Pony Blossom lipstick from Memebox for review purposes. I did not pay for these items, but I promise these are my own honest opinions!

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