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Fortune Cookie Soap Fall 2015 Box "Old Hollywood: What Lies Behind the Silver Screen"

What: Fortune Cookie Soap Company specializes in bath and body products in unique exclusive scents. The Soap box contains 8 pre-release FCS bath product samples
When: Ships quarterly (Feb/May/Aug/Nov)
Cost: $19.99 (US), $28.00 (CAN), $34.00 (Int'l)
Fun fact: Each box comes with a $10 code to use in the FCS shop!

Wow, has it been three months already since the last Fortune Cookie Soap box? Time seems to be flying by faster and faster these days. Here we have the fall box and it smelled like fall before I even opened it. And by that I mean there was lots of of spiciness emanating from it. I have a love-hate relationship with autumn fragrances. I love the marshmallow and (some) apple pie scents but not so much the cinnamon/clove/cider ones so I'm excited to see what's in store this season...

A Hollywood theme! I would have never seen this one coming. I see some new-to-FCS products on the info card - pomade and bath powder? Sure, sounds fun! I haven't actually tried any of these yet so I'll mostly be commenting on the different scents because I'm pretty scent-driven and anything that smells good is guaranteed a spot in my drawer - even if it's totally impractical...like an edible toothbrush.
Image result for edible toothbrush
At least my dog will love me
..not that these smell good or anything
Famous Wax Tart - warm amber, wild orchid, fluttering white cotton, sundried herbs. <<That's the description, but all I can smell is orchid through the packaging. I do think orchids are pretty, but I'm not a fan of ochid-scented things - or anything that smells like flowers for that matter. I don't use or own a warmer anyway, so someone else can enjoy the cozy floral aroma that this will give off.

American Royalty Pomade - rose milk, thick honey and warming tobacco blossom wrapped with caramel and notes of mandarin. FCS' newest addition to their product line, pomade is like lip balm for your hair. It contains beeswax, shea buter, argan oil, jojoba, oil, castor oil, and vitamin E, so basically it's moisturizing TO DA MAX. This is a tiny little container about the size of a lip balm tin, but considering all you need is a veeery tiny amount to make all of your locks shine with flexible hold, I think it's a generous sample. This kinda screams greasy! to me, but only because I have an oily scalp to begin with. I'm really not sure what this smells like since the tin is sealed, but seeing as there's rose and tobacco notes I'm guessing I wouldn't be a huge fan. Has anybody actually tried (and sniffed) it? What do you think?

This one has a nice smooth, creamy texture
Tommy Guns & Baseball Hates Whipped Cream - Grandma's hot apple pie, dusted with freshly shaved cinnamon, nutmeg and warm brown sugar, topped with rich, creamy, marshmallow fluff. Mmm...I love things scents containing the word "marshmallow." I also like the word "apple." Looks promising...and it is!!! I've gotten a whipped soap in every box so far but this is the first one I will be keeping. In fact I think it's my favorite thing in the box. It smells more creamy than spicy - thank you, marshmallow! I love the balance of apple, nutmeg, and brown sugar. It's not overpowering either so I can use it without the bf grumbling about my "girly soaps" :D

Dressed to Kill Fortune Cookie Soap - dribbles of muddled, red wine, swirled with dark, rich vanilla and cut apples, and a dusting of spice. The description sounds decadent but sadly I'm not loving this particular apple scent. It smells like cinnamon apples, and although I love to eat them, I'm not a huge fan of the scent. But if it's of any consolation, out of all the fortune cookie soaps I've gotten this is probably the one I'd reach for first.

Scandal Bath Powder - creaking woods, wind blown leaves, and twisted rose thorns. I'm expecting something earthy and perhaps a bit musky. Aaand... Okay it's not so much musk, but it does smell a bit outdoorsy. Like trail running on a crisp morning. But not too masculine either. Not my typical fruity/creamy scent of choice, but definitely not bad. I think this can grow on me.

Glitz & Glamour OCD Hand Sanitizer - wet moss, polished woods, creamy vanilla. Now this one smells so feminine it's almost masculine. Does that make sense? At first I was thinking Old Spice. Now I'm thinking scented pantyliners. I know, wth is wrong with my nose? In any case it's very strong and overpowering in my opinion.

Hollywood Dreams Shampoo Bar - brown sugar dusted graham crackers, fresh churned apple butter, sprinkled with nuts and a hint of maple. I would use this in a heartbeat if it were a hand soap, but I'm not so sure I want my hair smelling like breakfast. Although it does smell like my dream breakfast. I can definitely pick out the graham crackers and I kind of want to eat this bar now. Time to put it away.

Pearls & Girls Perfume Oil - crushed and distilled vanilla creeping with wild jasmine and a splash of juicy pear. This is a pretty sizable atomizer for a sample and I'd totally keep it if it weren't for the note of jasmine (which happens to be the only thing I can actually smell through the nozzle). Oh wait, there's the hint of pear. No vanilla though. Maybe you'd have to actually spray it to smell it. I'm still working on the dram of perfume oil from the Spring Wonderland box *it's my favorite perfume ever!* and I'm considering picking up more of that one when it's gone...if it's ever gone. All I use is the tiniest dab and it's enough to cover all the pulse points. I love when a little goes a long way. Perfume oils rock my world.

The verdict? I'd say this was a very seasonally appropriate box. Lots of warm spices consistent with autumn harvests. I kind of wish there was a pumpkin-something in here but maybe pumpkin's not as well received as apples, vanilla and brown sugar? My favorite scent is definitely Tommy Guns & Baseball Bats; if they make this in a perfume oil I'm totally picking it up. I'm also a little sad that I have yet to receive a fortune cookie soap that I want to keep. I'll keep looking though, there's gotta be one out there that I'll like.

I'm keeping my sub through winter and hoping for some piney goodness! Fall's box is gone already, but click here to sign up for the winter box so you can enjoy the evergreen smells too!! :)

Note: I pay for this subscription and all opinions expressed in this post are mine...and my nose's.

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