Monday, October 26, 2015

Ipsy Review - October 2015

What: Ipsy Glam Bag contains 5 deluxe samples and full sized beauty products (mostly makeup) in an exclusive makeup bag.
When: Glam Bags ship monthly on the 10th
Cost: $10/month (free shipping)
Fun Extra: You can review your products each month to earn ipsyPoints which can be redeemed for monthly bonus items.

Wow, it seems like I just wrote an Ipsy review not too long ago. *checks latest reviews* Three weeks ago. Okay, not toooo recently. Where has the time gone??? So I guess it's pretty obvious that I haven't been paying as much attention to the subscription box world as I should have been and that I had no idea what Ipsy was sending out this month. Turns out October is "Alter Ego" month. As in sporting a look that's totally opposite of your everyday getup. Sounds fun!

Nourish Organic Argan Face Serum (0.5oz value: $17) - This is one pricey serum - the full size is less than an ounce and retails for $24. But it is a serum so a little bit will go a long way. I do like argan oil for my hair though I've never tried it on my face before. I get the feeling my face will feel greasy after using this. It does say it's for normal to dry skin, after all. My skin errs on oily so my spidey senses might be right.

theBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Lipstick in Committed
theBalm Meet Matt(e) Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick - Committed (0.04oz value: $3) - My first question: are they talking about the UFC guy? Cause the picture of the couple on the tube sure doesn't look like him. Meet Matt Hughes LLLL is a matte liquid lipstick that reminds me of Marvelous Moxie lipglosses with its mint vanilla scent. Committed is a pretty nude pink that I know I'll get some use out of. I'm putting it through my lipstick test as I type and so far it's passing with flying colors. It survived numerous attempts at licking my lips, there's no lipstick stain on my mug, and it's not sticky whatsoever. It basically behaves like a lip stain.

Emité Make Up Slant Tweezers (Value: £31) - It's nice to see international brands making their appearance in Ipsy from time to time. Emité is a Swedish makeup brand that partners up with Mariart School of Makeup & Hair to produce professional artists. Tweezers are one of those things that I'm always losing so I'm happy to have another pair. Plus the slant tip makes precise plucking soooo much easier. But almost $35 USD for tweezers?? That's a bit steep in my opinion.

Balanced Guru Scrub Me Nice and Gritty Body Scrub (1oz value: $3) - Balanced Guru produces organic, cruelty free products in recyclable packaging. This scrub is enriched with raw sugar, organic coffee, coconut oil, babassu oil, and cocoa butter for ultimate exfoliation. It's also got some spearmint and ginger for a refreshing experience. I can smell the mint through the seal. Mmmmm...

Aurora Cosmetics Gel Effects Nail Lacquer - Inky Dinky (0.42oz value: $12) - A year ago I loathed getting purple anything in beauty subs. Since then I've made baby steps and learned to accept and even adore purple nail polish. It seems the beauty gods have taken note of my change of heart because lately I've been getting purple nail polish left and right. I think my purple collection might rival my blues. Gel Effect nail polish is supposed to mimic the shine and longevity of gel polish sans UV curing and the hassle of removal. Ipsy once sent me the Sally Hansen version of gel effect polish which came in a set with its own special topcoat; unfortunately my box came with a broken bottle of topcoat and Ipsy told me they were out of stock when I asked for a replacement. This time around they decided to send the color without the topcoat so I'll have to purchase it on my own if I decide to use it. I wonder if it's as easy and pretty as it sounds. Has anybody tried it? Does it actually work?

Makeup Bag
Usually the makeup bags are the only thing that have anything to do with the theme. October's makeup bag is two-faced to go with the alter ego theme. Black vinyl on one side, gold on the other. I like when the zipper is on the top edge like this one, it makes it so much easier to take things out of the bag. The small things make me happy.

*deep breath* I think this month's glam bag made Top Three of my favorite Ipsy curations...quite possibly my All Time favorite. It had a fantastic variety of stuff - tools, skincare, body care, nail polish, and makeup - plus it's stuff I will actually use. Well, still debating whether the face serum is appropriate for my skin type, but other than that I can definitely use everything. Major hit this month, Ipsy.

Click here if you want to get your own Ipsy glam bag. I'm not sure how long the wait list is, but you can skip it by posting to Facebook (if you don't want anyone to see your post just set the audience to Only should still work). I normally go back and forth about whether to keep this subscription, but it's months like this that make it all totally worth it :)

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  1. Whoa! This is a nice bag! If I had gotten this bag I think I wouldn't have cancelled. :D

    1. I think Ipsy does it on purpose. Whenever I'm about to cancel they send something great to change my mind. o_O