Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Julep Night Lights Mystery Box Review

It's been a while since I picked up a Julep mystery box, but when I saw the two exclusive polishes that would be included in the Night Lights Mystery Box, I just had to. I've always preferred glitter nail polish over creme and when I found out both polishes would be microglitters in my favorite colors (blue and gray) I didn't need to hear any more. That box was in my cart and checked out faster than it took to text "oops I did it again" to C. He hates when I make impulsive purchases ;)

As is always the case with Julep, they had to slow boat it here so it took about three weeks to arrive. Believe it or not, I was actually quite happy with that transit time - my last Julep order took 7 weeks to get here. Since I've been totally MIA in the sub box universe lately, I had no idea what would be in here. Turns out it was some pretty good stuff.
Julep Fluid Eye Glider - Jet Black (Value: $20) - I'm SO happy to have this! Of all the liquid eyeliners I've gotten through sub boxes, none were in pen form. (I suppose I could have just bought one on my own, but what's the fun in that?) The extra length gives you more precise control over your lines and there's no skipping. It does take several minutes to completely dry, but once it does it really is smudge resistant. It's not water-resistant though so don't yawn and then rub your eyes!
Julep fluid eye glider goes on nicely but it's not water resistant.

Julep Luxe Up Your Lips - Sangria (Value: $24) - These tinted lip conditioners come in sheer and opaque coverage. I got sangria which is an opaque berry color. It's pretty, but berry and my lips don't get along very well. I'll probably try to hunt down one of the sheer colors. Sheer coral maybe?

Nail Polish (Value: $14 each)
Oooooo nail polish. I've been on a nail polish binge for the last year and a half and despite several attempts at telling myself I don't need 50 shades of blue or 60 pinks I keep buying more. I'm not too bad when it comes to collecting duplicates,but if there's an itty bitty difference between two grays, I'm keeping both. In fact, gray was one of the colors that pulled me into this box in the first place..

Brandy - steel grey with blue microglitter liquid holographic.
This is almost similar to Braiden except Brandy has tiny flecks of blue microglitter mixed in and it's a different finish. Okay, so maybe they are two totally different animals. That means I get to keep this one. :D I'm sorry my camera phone skills suck and you can't see the blue glitters mixed in, but trust me they're there and they add a pretty iridescence to this polish.

Brenna - blue glow-in-the-dark iridescent microglitter top coat.
If I had to pick a favorite polish from this box, this would be it. I'm so glad I snatched up a box because Brenna is so lovely and you can't get it anymore. This is a sheer topcoat so it'll give a blue tinge to whatever you're wearing under it. (The swatch above is one coat to give you an idea of its opacity) You can also wear it alone which is what I'll probably do. The best part is that it also GLOWS IN THE DARK. Hells yeah! I only have one glow in the dark polish (Casper) which is non-tinted. I'm glad to finally have another, and in my favorite color too!

Margot - old Hollywood gold shimmer.
Gold is another color that I end up collecting a lot of because each one has subtle differences. Unfortunately, I think I already have one that looks exactly like this so it'll probably go up for swap. Plus it's one of those colors I don't find myself wearing often enough to keep a dupe on hand.

Jess - tawny port creme.
Does that look like tawny to you? I thought tawny had some orange and yellow mixed in with it. This actually reminds me of kalamata olives. It's not a color that I would normally wear, but I do need to grow my collection of cremes - I'm picky when it comes to cremes and only end up keeping the same colors all the time. Time to expand my horizons!

Corinne - sandcastle stardust.
Ooh pretty. This really does look like a sandcastle. The textured stardust finish reminds me of a white sand beach. I'm totally going to use this as part of some beach-themed nail art.

I've seen reviews saying that Julep has stepped up their mystery box game over the past several months and it looks like they're right. This is easily my favorite mystery box to date because I can use both of the beauty products (just gotta swap for another lip treatment color) and will keep all except one of the nail polishes. And this box was worth $114 so they still hit their promised value (well $91 with Maven pricing but considering it costs $25 that's still a great value). I can't afford to get all their mystery boxes but I'll most likely be picking another one up in the near future :)

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