Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Ipsy Review - February 2016

What: Ipsy Glam Bag contains 5 deluxe samples and full sized beauty products (mostly makeup) in an exclusive makeup bag.
When: Glam Bags ship monthly on the 10th
Cost: $10/month (free shipping)
Fun Extra: You can review your products each month to earn points which can be redeemed for bonus items.
Ipsy glam bag is one of those perfect subscriptions for everybody: beauty noobs love it because you get a little of everything to try out and the experienced gals can discover new brands to love. Plus each month you'll get an exclusive makeup bag that I've been using for everything but makeup - pencils, first aid/time of the month supplies, travel kits, even to hold little snacks in my purse. This month my February bag arrived several days into March. It's been arriving later and later each month for some reason :-/

Jor'el Parker Eau So Divine Perfume Rollerball (8.8ml value: ~$20??) - What a cute name :) The Jor'el Parker brand was acquired by Harvey Prince and their fragrances can be found on the Harvey Prince website. However, I can't access the site because for some reason my antivirus software keeps alerting me of phishing activities on it. So I'm going based off of Amazon pricing and the Ipsy description: this perfume contains notes of sandalwood, lily of the valley, Egyptian myrrh and Madagascar vanilla. It's a refreshing scent and generous size but just not for me. I'm more of a dessert/sweets kind of gal. Always was. Always will be. Some things just don't change.

Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat (5ml value: $8.50) - This is a nail strengthener that I think is meant to be worn alone, but I'm going to try it as a base coat. The pink tint masks any yellow tinge and makes your nail beds look rosy pink and your nail tips white. Kind of like a French manicure minus the hard work. Plus it's fast-drying.

Tre'StiQue Baby Blush Stick - Bora Bora Coral (0.04oz value: $6.50) - This is such a pretty color and I'd love it if it were in lipstick form. This is a buildable cream-gel blush ideal for dry skin types since it's infused with coconut oil. Unfortunately, blush sticks make my oily face feel like I just spent 10 hours in front of a deep fryer :(

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer - Neutral Medium (0.11oz value: $9.50) - I think I received something similar to this last year from the same brand. A CC cream. It was a really tiny tube, but I rarely use CC creams so it's still pretty full. This one is made especially for dark under eye circles. Fortunately, I rarely get those even after a restless night. Under eye bags maybe, but nothing that a dab of my regular concealer can't handle. However, I did have a black eye a couple of weeks ago from wrestling practice and I really could have benefited from having this on hand then...

MOR Emporium Classics Hand & Body Lotion - Candied Vanilla (1oz value: $3) - Remember when I said I gravitate toward sweets and dessert-scented things? This is what I was talking about. Candied vanilla smells like you're covering your hands with marshmallows. This lotion is a tad greasier than I'd like, but that soaks in within a few minutes and you're just left with hands that you'd like to eat. But don't do it. 

I usually don't care for the Ipsy bags with pictures on them but I have to make an exception for this one. It reminds me of an 8-bit love letter. It screams CUTE and I just want to take it with me everywhere and fool people into thinking that hopeless romantics do exist and that they write sappy love notes. 

It's another so-so month for Ipsy. I'm kind of sad that I won't be using the two most expensive items in this glam bag, but it's nothing to cry about. I'm happy as long as the stuff that I will use adds up to how much I paid, which it does. The lotion already has a place on my desk alongside my peach hand cream and strawberry lotion. And as soon as the embellies I have on my mani falls off, I'm going to try out the nail treatment and see if it really does give me the easiest French manicure in the world.

Click here to get your own Ipsy glam bag for just $10 a month. It's one of the most affordable beauty subscriptions and the value always exceeds the cost. Plus you'll never know when you'll get what others may think is a love letter from the Mario Bros ;)

Note: Post contains referral links. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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