Thursday, June 2, 2016

Pooch Perks Unboxing - May 2016

What: Pooch Perks is a subscription box for dogs filled with 2-6 treat, toy, and hygiene items. There are four subscription tiers; boxes within each tier are curated according to your dog's size.  You can also make special requests (heavy chewer option, allergy-conscious, box frequency changes) when you sign up. For reference, this review is on the Popular Pooch box (4-5 items) for a medium/large dog (35lbs+).
When: Ships monthly on your subscription renewal date
Cost: $20-$50 per month (shipping is free); ships anywhere in the US and US territories
Fun Fact: Want only treats or just toys? You can sign up for that for just $20/month! Also, $1 from each box goes to rescue groups. This month 's organization is Ralph's Place. Check out their page here.

This month the fun folks at Pooch Perks were inspired by Cinco de Mayo to make a Mexican-themed box. I doubt my dogs know or even care about special celebrations (except their birthdays), but themes are fun for us humans. 

Cycle Dog High Roller Squeak Ball (Value: $7.50) - Cycle Dog's toys are made from post-consumer recycled material and this ball feels surprisingly durable. Plus it floats and squeaks, and the treads in here help support healthy teeth and gums. Lately the only rubber toys that keep my dogs' attention are the ones with treats hidden in them; unfortunately, there's no hole in this ball to drop treats into.

Spunky Pup Spunky's Disc (Value: $7) - My dog Macho is awesome at catching a ball, but he's dumb as a doorknob when it comes to playing frisbee. No idea why. His sister Pebbles isn't any better. Throw her a ball and you'll never get it back. I have to give Macho credit though, at least he tries. At least this frisbee can be turned upside down and used as a water bowl if my poor furballs are hopeless. I also want to point out that neither of these rubber toys were on the info card (which listed two plush toys) which leads me to think the guys at Pooch Perks actually followed my special request for durable toys when I signed up. Brownie points!

Mexican Themed Dog Bandana (Value: $7) - My dogs like being naked. Pebbles will tolerate a certain amount of humiliation, but Macho will have none of it. He thinks even a bandage is too much accessorizing. It's a cute bandana though, maybe I'll use it to wrap something up.
Oh em gee this is SO embarrassing...
Exclusively Dog Taco Flavor Jerkeez (7oz bag: $7) - This is a pretty heavy bag that I'm almost certain weighs more than the 7-oz listed weight. I'm happy to see that real chicken meat is the first ingredient in these USA-made treats and that they are wheat, corn and soy free. Plus the pieces are flat and can easily be broken in half if your dog is on the smaller side.

Your Pet Chef Liver Detox Rox Treats (2oz bag: $10) - My dogs have never tried cod before so this will be fun. These are also jerky treats and contain just four ingredients: cod, red pepper, apple cider vinegar and kale. Macho's not a fan of spicy foods but they don't seem to bother Pebbles. She's always doing fly bys to my chili pepper plant and snatches a pepper each time. That naughty dog. These are a much better alternative.

Biscuit Bob's Homemade Apple Crisp Biscuits (sample) - Mmm apple crisp. My mouth is watering just reading the name of this treat. I'm sure it tastes nothing like the real thing, but as far as my dogs are concerned you can't get any closer than this.

I think for me the value in this month's box lies in the treats. It's not that the toys aren't good, but they just aren't a great fit for my dogs. But I have to commend the Pooch Perks crew on following through with my tough toys request.

Want to start receiving Pooch Perks? You can do so here. And don't forget to use code FRIEND10 to get 10% off your first order with any subscription plan!

Note: Referral links were used in this post.  This review reflects my (and my pups'!) honest opinion of the products.

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