Friday, July 22, 2016

3B Box Review - July 2016

 What: The 3B Box (short for Beyond Beauty Borders) contains 4-5 deluxe or full-sized beauty samples from Korea, Japan, or Taiwan
When: Ships during the first week of each month
Cost: $12 per month (free shipping!)

Raise your hand if you're enjoying the summer! *raises both hands* I've been enjoying it so much that I completely forgot to throw up box reviews on here. Okay I admit it's not all fun and games. Work has been crazy busy too and this is the first time in over a week that I could spare a moment to jump online. :( 

3B Box ships around the second week in the month and usually gets to me within a couple of days. I mentioned this before and I'll mention it again - I'm sooo glad that they improved their shipping packaging. They used to use a flimsy box that would always open on the corners so that your stuff could fall out at any moment. They've since switched to a sturdier box with a closing flap and no open corners. I mention this because this month had a couple of small roundish samples that could easily slip out of the inner bag and roll around in the box if jostled enough. Freeeeeedom! But not really. Because the box closes now. No more missing samples. 

3W Clinic Intensive UV Sunblock Cream - I'm really bad about wearing sunscreen. So bad. I probably undo my entire nighttime skin routine by forgetting to use it everyday, sometimes even when I know I'll be out in the sun all day. I keep one in my tote bag just in case I forget to apply before leaving the house, but then I still forget to use it even when I'm already out. Errrr. I think I need to set a "put on sunblock" reminder on my phone.

Unt Aqua Nettoyant Perfect Balance Hydrating Cleanser - Something rose-scented had leaked all over the box when I opened it and turns out it was this. The scent is a bit strong for me but half of me still wants to try it. The high amino acid content (23%) in this cleanser is supposed to help your skin maintain its moisture balance. This sounds lovely but I don't care for rosy-scented things much. At least it's not heavily scented, it could be worse.

Etude House Pink Vital Water Emulsion - This is a light moisturizer ideal for people like me with oily/combo skin. I find that I prefer emulsions over regular moisturizers during the summer and fall months because it's just so hot and humid around here. Regular moisturizers just sit on my face and hours later my skin is still tacky. Hopefully this is light enough to absorb quickly. The only thing is I hate the dispensing method of this bottle - the emulsion is too thick to flow out freely from the bottle opening yet the bottle itself is too rigid to squeeze the product out so you end up with red palms from whacking it against your hand. o_O

Tonymoly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch - I saved the cutest (and most fun) thing for last. It's a lip patch to keep your lips plump and hydrated. I've got a couple of these lip patch thingies lying around my house but never got around to trying them. From what I hear the best part about them is the ridiculous selfies you can take while wearing it. My favorite part is the cute little chicky.

This month's bag had some pretty good summer finds, but I think I'm most excited about the emulsion. It's the only thing I'm sure I'll use, although that sunscreen should also be a keeper. If you like to get fun things like huge lip patches in the mail, you should pick up a subscription. You can do that hereAnd for $12/month including shipping, it's one of the most affordable Asian beauty boxes out there.

Note: All opinions expressed in this review are my own. Post does not contain any referral links.

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