Sunday, July 3, 2016

Pooch Perks Review - June 2016

What: Pooch Perks is a subscription box for dogs filled with 2-6 treat, toy, and hygiene items. There are four subscription tiers; boxes within each tier are curated according to your dog's size.  You can also make special requests (heavy chewer option, allergy-conscious, box frequency changes) when you sign up. For reference, this review is on the Popular Pooch box (4-5 items) for a medium/large dog (35lbs+).
When: Ships monthly on your subscription renewal date
Cost: $20-$50 per month (shipping is free); ships anywhere in the US and US territories
Fun Fact: Want only treats or just toys? You can sign up for that for just $20/month! Also, $1 from each box goes to rescue groups. This month 's organization is Ralph's Place. Check out their page here.

The "Finding Dory" opening weekend was a huge success and it seems several subscription boxes want a piece of the action. I don't blame them - what's more summery than spending your days in the water? Pooch Perks knew our dogs would appreciate a Finding Dory-themed box of ocean fun. After all, don't most dogs love the water? (Well mines don't, but my dogs are quirky creatures)

CycleDog Ecolast 3-Play Turtle (Value: $15) - This cute rubber turtle has three times the fun - it floats, has a squeaky head, and features a treat-hiding belly. My anti-water dogs don't care if it floats or not, but they'll definitely have fun finding treats and getting a squeak or two while doing so.
Stuff treats in Mr. Turtle's busy belly!
Ruff Dawg Flying Fish (Value: $17) - If your dog loves to fetch while swimming, this is a great toy to have. It floats and the bright orange color is highly visible in the water. If you're not a huge fan of jumping in to retrieve toys when your dog "forgets" to bring it back, there's even a hole where you can attach a rope. No diving required.

Yummy Chummies Salmon Savory Strips (5oz value: $7) - My dogs are huge fans of salmon (probably because it's stinky) so these strips will be gone in a flash. I wish I could say that I'll never give fish to them ever again but it makes their coat so shiny that I just have to keeping buying it and just suck it up. :*( On the bright side these don't smell half as bad as salmon skin so I think I can deal.

The Real Meat Company Beach Bums Turkey, Pineapple and Coconut Treats (4oz value: $4) - Since when do dogs get to enjoy pina coladas??! These beach bums look like mini grilled gingerbread men. They're cute but there's only about 10 in the bag. I might have to start dismembering some if I want it to last more than a few days. Yes, my dogs are spoiled and get lots of treats :)

I thought this was a well curated box and I'm impressed that every item had something to do with the ocean. We might not get much use out of the fish toy, but everything else will be loved. In fact, the turtle is with Pebbles right this minute and she's having a helluva time figuring out how to get the treats out of that belly. Squeeze it girl, squeeeeeze it!!

Click here to sign up for Pooch Perks! Every month you'll get a box full of fun goodies for your dog. And I'm not kidding when I say full; two out of my three boxes didn't even close all the way because of all the stuff in there. And don't forget to use code FRIEND10 to get 10% off your first order with any subscription plan!!

Note: Referral links were used in this post.  This review reflects my (and my pups'!) honest opinions.


  1. I've had to go get balls that Bugsy can't find in the water a few times. /sigh He's a good swimmer, though. Dexter on the other hand HATES it (probably like yours do). He will stand on the shore and cry. He will cry until all his peoples are no longer in the water. It's kiiiind of annoying. Also, I'd way rather have those salmon sticks than the gross salmon skin, too. Blech.

    1. Haha Dexter sounds exactly like my dogs! They will cry around beaches and pools but have no problem getting sprayed by water. In fact they LOVE hoses and sprinklers. Go figure.

    2. Haha Dexter sounds exactly like my dogs! They will cry around beaches and pools but have no problem getting sprayed by water. In fact they LOVE hoses and sprinklers. Go figure.