Friday, September 9, 2016

Pipsticks Pro Classic Sticker Pack Review - September 2016

 What: Pipsticks is a sticker subscription that sends you stickers from around the world. Depending on which plan you subscribe to, each sticker pack will contain 7-15+ sheets of stickers along with other fun paper extras. Sticker packs are marketed as either Pro (adults) or Kids and come in two sizes (Classic or Petite) for each demographic.
When: Ships monthly
Cost: Pro/Kids Classic pack: $14.95/month; Pro/Kids Petite pack: $9.95/month (+$3 shipping for int'l customers)

This month marks Pipsticks' 2 year anniversary and to celebrate they beefed up September's Pro Classic pack to make a MEGA pack. Past Pro Classic packs have included about 15 total sheets of stickers. Let's see how this one compares!

Mega pack is about right. I could tell from just holding the shipping envelope that it felt thicker than usual. But it's about quality not quantity, right? Well then, let's break this pack down...

No birthday sticker pack would be complete without some PARTY STICKERS! And what better way to celebrate than with sweets? Lots and lots of sweets. That sweets-themed sheet up in the top right is making my mouth water! Glittery "Let's Party" stickers, balloons, more desserts, and a cupcake shaped notepad round out the party in this pack.

Add an animal to your birthday party and it's automatically 200% more fun. (Have you ever had pony rides at a bday party? OMG.) Plus the fact that a random unicorn decided to waltz its way into this sticker pack increases that fun by another 200%.  I'd also like to point out those pug stickers in the top left. Those are custom stickers, you guys. If you ever wanted to immortalize your pet (or yourself), now's your chance. Create your own personalized stickers at My Sticker Face.

My latest obsession is dressing up my planner. I've spent embarrassing amounts of $$$ on stickers just so I can make it all pretty and stuff. These will help to fuel my addiction hobby. I can use the hearts for to-do lists and the circles on the edge of my pages to mark the weeks with important events.

And finally, Elvis has entered the building! These are the rest of the stickers that didn't really fit into a category but are just as appreciated. I love the simplicity of the happy flowers/music note and it's probably my second favorite sticker sheet in here (next to the full sheet of desserts!), but for some reason I can't stop pressing those puffy stickers on the right - they feel foamy and it's oddly satisfying.

I thoroughly enjoyed every cupcake and ice cream sticker sheet in here (and still can't stop pressing the foamy stickers), but for a 2nd anniversary mega pack I was looking forward to even more cake and confetti. Think glittery party hats, prismatic streamers and holographic unicorns. At least the unicorn part made it in. But that's just my take. At least there was a lot of variety this month!

Think this was pretty cool? Click here to join Pipsticks by 9/14 and you can still get September's pack. Don't forget to use code FBPROCLASSIC25 to get 25% off your first month! Or use my link to get $5 off your first order.

Note: Post contains referral links. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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