Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Bare Minerals 6-pc Mystery Collection Unboxing

A few weeks ago Bare Minerals released a 6-piece beauty surprise collection for $18 (valued at $110!). My makeup drawer is already overflowing and I really don't need any more but who listens to that little voice of reason, anyway? Besides, it's been a while since I last bought a BM surprise so why not?

One thing I should note about Bare Minerals mystery collections is that they contain mostly discontinued products. Not expired, but no longer in production. So you might expect to find last season's eyeliners or lipsticks in here. I suppose it's their way of cleaning house.

My order took three weeks to arrive which is not unusual when you live out in the middle of the ocean. I could tell it's been a while since I've ordered anything from them since I don't remember this pretty packaging complete with a sticker. It used to be just a baggie thrown in a box with brown packing paper.

Buxom Full-bodied Lip Gloss in Sweet Thing - Buxom is Bare Minerals' sexy makeup line mostly known for its lip products. I'm a fan of their stuff, but not so much this color. It's an in-your-face hot pink, much too bold for me.

Buxom Full-bodied Lip Gloss in Hello Lover - Similar to Sweet Thing but a little lighter, sort of a guava color. Still a bit BAM!ish but I'll see if I can pull it off. Apologies for the lack of swatches; wasn't sure if I'd be keeping or passing them on so I didn't open either.

Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Speak Your Mind - Marvelous Moxie = my favorite lipstick packaging ever. It doesn't just snap closed, it locks closed. No more Coach wallet with accidental lipstick stains. *guilty* Then to open just push the little button and the top slides right off. The color isn't too shabby, either. It's a medium pink with satin finish that goes well with almost any look. Application is smooth and creamy. Definitely a keeper.
Marvelous Moxie lipstick in Speak Your Mind

Full Tapered Shadow Brush - When it comes to eye shadow brushes, I'll admit I'm not too knowledgeable about the tiny differences between the brushes. What's the difference between a full tapered shadow and contour shadow brush? I have no idea and therefore I use them interchangeably which is probably a cosmetic faux pas, but it gets the job done so I'm happy.

Eye Shadow in Breathless - This eye shadow looks pretty dark in the container but to my surprise it was actually very light and shimmery when swatched. In fact it almost blends in with my natural skin color. It's buildable though so if you want more intensity just keep layering it on. For reference that swatch below is three swipes of the shadow.

READY Eyeshadow 2.0 in The Promise - READY 2.0 palettes are comprised of 2 eye shadows that compliment each other. The Promise palette features Aspire, a shimmery nude cream and Vow, a mocha brown. Both are highly pigmented and go on smooth and creamy.

Wow, what a bargain! These may be discontinued products but that doesn't mean they're any less worthy. If you were to buy this season's equivalents you'd be spending about a hundred dollars. Plus almost everything in here (aside from the lip glosses) is in relatively neutral, work friendly shades. My favorite is the lipstick (I'm a sucker for great packaging) but I'll probably get the most use out of the mineral eye shadow because it gives you that no-makeup-yet-made-up look. I'm very happy with this collection, it was a good use of $18 :)

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