Friday, October 7, 2016

Serendipity by LLB Review - September 2016

What: Serendipity by LLB is another box from the people behind Little Lace Box. It contains random treasures that weren't included in the main LLB but were too precious not to share.
When: Ships every other month (note this subscription is NOT auto-renewing)
Cost: $12.99 (free shipping)
Good to Know: Serendipity by LLB ships during the off months of LLB. So if you subscribe to both, you'll get something every month!

I've been getting dog and beauty boxes for three years and thought it might be fun to add a home or lifestyle box to the mix. As you may know, these types of boxes can be pretty pricey so I was thrilled when Little Lace Box launched a cheaper box for their in-between months. I signed up and here I am with my third Serendipity box. Like beauty boxes, these boxes can be hit or miss - I loved everything my first month but was on the fence with the last box. Let's see how September's box compares.

Boot Cuffs & Socks (RV $6-7) - These cozy, thin quarter socks are perfect for ankle boots. It's made of 80% cotton and features a breathable design so you don't have to worry about stinky feet at the end of the day. The only thing I'm worried about is my dogs finding it. No matter where I hide my socks (gloves too), they always manage to find it and start a game of tug of war which usually ends with holes in the fingers and toes. :(

Karista's Kitchen Spices - Matcha Sea Salt, Korintji Cinnamon, Smoke Sweet Paprika (RV $6 per packet) - I recently rediscovered my kitchen (sadly we've been in a take-out slump for the last couple of years...yikes) and have been trying to refine my cooking skills. Whether I've made any progress is debatable, but one thing's for sure - everything tastes better with spices. But they aren't cheap. That's why I'm so thankful that Karista's spices came my way - cinnamon, paprika, and sea salt with a twist. There were also some recipe cards using each spice. I think I'm most excited about the matcha sea salt! *drool*

Kilner Square Clip Top Spice Jar, 2oz (RV $6) - Ahh this is such a cute jar! It has a clip top and a rubber seal to make it airtight. I would totally put all my spices in these if I had enough space in my kitchen. Buuut I guess I'll settle for using it for the spices I use the most since those have the most contact with moisture.

I forgot to snap a photo of it but there was also a promo offer from Handwrytten, a service that makes life a little easier by sending handwritten greeting cards on your behalf. Judging by the sample with the promo code, I think it really is handwritten. Unfortunately, all of my close friends and family know I have horrible penmanship so they'll know it's not really from me. But if you have a million wedding thank you cards to write to distant relatives, click away and save yourself a week of hand cramps!

I'm so happy that this month's Serendipity is reuniting me with my kitchen. I can't wait to try the recipes and pick up some more spice jars. :) I think September's boxes are out of stock, but you can still pick up any of the items from the LLB shop by following the product links. If you sign up for a subscription now your first box will come in November.

Note: Post does not contain any referral links. Just my honest to goodness opinions on these cool finds!

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