Thursday, December 29, 2016

Pooch Perks Review - December 2016

What: Pooch Perks is a subscription box for dogs containing 2-6 treat, toy, or hygiene items. There are three subscription tiers; boxes within each tier are curated according to your dog's size.  You can also make special requests (heavy chewer option, allergy-conscious, box frequency changes) when you sign up. For reference, this review is on the Popular Pooch box (4-5 items) for a medium/large dog (35lbs+).
When: Ships monthly on your subscription renewal date
Cost: $20-$50 per month (shipping is free); ships anywhere in the US and US territories
Fun Fact: Want only treats or just toys? You can sign up for that for just $20/month! Also, $1 from each box goes to rescue groups. You can learn more about how Pooch Perks gives back here.

Okay I'll admit it. I'm a bad dog mom when it comes to buying gifts for my dogs. Birthdays, Gotcha Days, National Dog Day - I always forget to pick up presents for them until the day of. So I guess it's no surprise that two weeks before Christmas I realized I still hadn't gotten Macho and Pebbles anything. They're a couple of rascal monsters, but they're my monsters and I love them no matter what. That's when Pooch Perks decided to save the day by offering 50% off a 6-month subscription. Yyyyeah! A few days before Christmas I found this waiting in my mailbox:

Of course the dogs weren't allowed to dig in until Christmas morning, but who said mom can't take a tiny little sneak peek?

Foufou Dog Winter Corduroy Plush Reindeer (Value $10) - This is such an adorable reindeer! It's almost a shame that it's made for dogs who might rip it apart. My dogs will anyway, which is why they're not getting this. I love my playful rascals, but I hate cleaning up stuffing. The seams on this plush don't seem very strong - in fact it was coming apart in a couple of places before I even took it out of the box. This poor guy won't last a minute in Pebbles' chompers.

Exclusively Dog Vanilla Flavor Wafer Cookies (8oz, full size, value: $5.75) - If you grew up loving Nilla wafers, your dog is in for a treat. These are the canine equivalent to the yummy vanilla cookie. I know it is because I couldn't help but sample a piece. Macho didn't seem to mind (he's very good at sharing) and besides, it's made entirely with ingredients you can find in human food. The dogs love it, and it's dogmom-approved.

Multipet TPR Santa Toy (Value: ~$13) - If your dog loves to chew on anything and everything, then you probably know that thermoplastic rubber toys are probably the best at withstanding Sparky's relentless jaws. The only problem is that since my troublemakers can't rip it apart like the can stuffed animals, they lose interest in these toys after a few seconds. There's no place to hide treats in here to keep their attention, but there is a squeaker which might help a little. It measures about 3x4" - probably a tad too big to play fetch with my corgis. Shucks.

Cloud Star Soft & Chewy Gingerbread Treats (5oz, full size, value $6) - Ah! Tiny gingerbread men! One thing good about dogs that eat anything and everything is that they're not picky about flavors. I don't think I've ever given them gingerbread-flavored anything before, but I have no doubts about them liking these. Pebbles has never encountered a food (or bug, or rock) she didn't find tasty. She's my personal garbage disposal.

One Fur All Pet House Candle in Evergreen Forest (2oz? value ~$5) - Mmm...very wintery. This scent reminds me of B&BW Winter White Woods scent. I once bought a candle in that scent and it turned out to be too strong for me. Too much winter. Not sure if this one will be as strong but if it is, this brand also has other scents to choose from including apple cider, candy cane, and gingerbread. Yummm.

Verdict: Pooch Perks saved Christmas with its timely arrival so this box was already off to a good start - my dogs got their treats and I didn't even have to go shopping! I'm a bit disappointed that my dogs may not get much use out of either toy, though it's worth a shot to try the TPR santa. My dogs usually have a hard time getting thick rubber toys to squeak but once they do they. do. not. stop. Oh well we didn't buy fireworks this year so maybe that can be their noisemaker when the clock strikes 12.

You can sign up for Pooch Perks by clicking here. Every month you'll get a boxful of fun goodies for your dog. And that box is full. I had a subscription earlier this year (before I had to start squirreling away cash for Christmas :-/) and most of the boxes didn't even close all the way. This month's was no different. Also, don't forget to use the code FRIEND10 to get 10% off your first order! The code should work with any subscription plan.

Note: This review reflects my (and my pups'!) honest opinions. No referral links were used in this post.

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